Best Tips for Podcast Episode Titles To Increase Listeners And Grow Raving Fans

  Titles are not easy to make, even if you’re an experienced writer. With podcast episodes, the job of constructing the right title becomes even more challenging as you have to consider two (sometimes conflicting) factors: attractiveness to the target audience and attractiveness to the search engine. Every time you construct a title, you have to balance the two and once you’ve done that, try to fit everything within a limited character count! Tapping into...... Read More

Podcast Crasher – The Binge Factor: Pat Flynn On Building An Online Business From A Podcast

  Some businesses venture into podcasting to further reach their goals, while some go the other way around and build their businesses from their podcasts. Pat Flynn is a great example of that and someone who has succeeded in this aspect. He is one of the most influential people in the podcasting industry, known as the man behind the Smart Passive Income Podcast and AskPat. In this episode, Tracy Hazzard crashes the podcast and interviews Pat about his story of...... Read More

Utah Podcast Summit Keynote: The Binge Factor To Podcast Success

  Whether you’re just thinking about starting a podcast or already have one and are looking for ways to increase your show’s earnings, one thing to keep in mind is it boils down to the binge factor. Today’s podcast is a presentation Tracy Hazzard did for the Utah Podcast Summit. Tracy is a former Inc. columnist and the host of four top-rated podcasts, including The Binge Factor. She shares how you can utilize consumer patterns...... Read More

Pod To Publish Book And Audiobook Masterclass For Authors And Podcasters With Juliet Clark And Tina Dietz

  For many reasons, podcasters are uniquely suited to publish books and audiobooks about topics that are of interest to their existing audiences. Not the least among these is that they already have an audience in place; it’s just a matter of channeling them to another medium. Not every podcaster is cut out for this, however. How would you know if it’s the right time for you to start publishing a book? In this masterclass,...... Read More

Advanced Techniques For Increasing Client Referrals: A Masterclass

  Client referrals are the lifeblood of most businesses and brands. If you play your cards right, up to 89% of your new customers could come from referrals. This is why you need to invest in providing the most value possible to the clients you already have on hand because this value is what will compel them to spread the word about your business for you. The first in a series of masterclasses, Tom Hazzard...... Read More

How To Get Your Listeners To Engage And Use Their Feedback To Gain Influence

  Inviting listeners to engage in your show can be tricky business. Many podcasters struggle to get listener feedback and for some who do succeed, all they get is a bunch of comments that they have no idea what to make of. How can you turn that listener feedback into something that actually benefits your show and your business? Tom and Tracy Hazzard take you through some of the most effective ways to get your...... Read More

Recording Tips For When You Have A Weak Internet Connection

  A weak internet connection is enough to ruin a great recording. Imagine yourself getting into the moment of sending out the message that you want your listeners to hear, and having it all go to nothing because your internet cut you off. Frustrating as it is, this is, unfortunately, a scenario that all of us in the industry faces in one way or another. Fortunately, with great know-how, you can easily work your way...... Read More

Actionable Podcast Content

  Having people listen to your podcast is one thing; getting them to take action is another. When you successfully get people to do the latter, you can be sure that they will be with you through it all. So how can you achieve that? Tom and Tracy Hazzard give you an answer: actionable podcast content. And no, this is not the same as your call to actions. Actionable podcast content is literally the actual...... Read More

Celebrity Podcast Interviews: Choosing Podcast Guests

  Choosing podcast guests is a delicate art form – one that requires a lot of crucial decision-making and a dash of hand-wringing on the side for good measure. This anxiety manifests doubly so when you’re dealing with celebrity guests. There’s a lot of consideration that ultimately goes into making the call to even invest the time into trying to get a celebrity to come on to your podcast. Tracy Hazzard runs down the dos...... Read More

Marketing New Products: Whetting The Consumers’ Appetite With Chef Marie-Dominique Rail

  Marketing new products is an absolutely daunting task, so you’ve got to know how to take baby steps before going big. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing not only your new product, but even your company and your own personal reputation as an entrepreneur. Tracy Hazzard is joined by Chef Marie-Dominique Rail, an acclaimed chef and founder of MCHEF®. Drawing on her experience of launching a whole new product, Chef Marie-Dominique shows you all the highs...... Read More