Actionable Podcast Content

  Having people listen to your podcast is one thing; getting them to take action is another. When you successfully get people to do the latter, you can be sure that they will be with you through it all. So how can you achieve that? Tom and Tracy Hazzard give you an answer: actionable podcast content. And no, this is not the same as your call to actions. Actionable podcast content is literally the actual...... Read More

Content Binge-ability Principles That Build Trust With Shane Snow

  When you’re creating your content, do you ever stop and think about how your audience will perceive it, or how they will take your message at heart? From a writer’s perspective, today’s guest, Shane Snow, teaches us how to create bingeable content. Shane is an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, author, and the Co-Founder of the content marketing platform called Contently. Tapping into the feeling of the audience, Shane explains that how you show up in...... Read More

Exploring An Internal Corporate Podcast For Your Business With Erin Smith

  Have you ever considered an internal corporate podcast as an effective and efficient way of delivering information around your organization? While certainly unorthodox, this technique is one that will surely grab the attention of your employees, and if you take the time to learn more about what goes on out on the floor, they will feel seen and heard. Joining Tracy Hazzard is Erin Smith, the President of BAERING, a public relations agency headquartered...... Read More

Live And Breathe Your Brand: Being Enough To Broadcast Your Movement With Megan Fenyoe

  Movements are their own messages; thus those messages have to ring loud, clear, and true. Learning how to broadcast your movement, to live and breathe it, is a process. It’s one that you can prepare yourself for such that in the long run, your brand, your movement, develops the consistency it seeks. Tracy Hazzard is joined by Megan Fenyoe, the co-host of The Blonde Bombshell Podcast and Founder of the I Am Enough Movement. Tracy and Megan dive...... Read More

The Secrets To Converting Your Charisma As A Host Into An Asset With Kim Seltzer

  Becoming an effective podcaster takes skill and practice, especially if you want your charisma as a host to be an asset. The host of The Charisma Quotient and CEO of Seltzer Style, Kim Seltzer, joins this episode to talk about how she does business and what her perception of podcasting is. Understand the seemingly complex thought process that goes into the creation of a podcast, starting from signing up a guest, to arranging your intro, all the way...... Read More

How To Innovate Your Podcast Using The Right Resources With Chad McAllister, PhD

  Are you thinking of starting your own podcast? Tracy Hazzard has Chad McAllister, PhD on today’s show to guide you in your podcasting quest. Chad is the founder of Product Innovation Educators, the host of The Everyday Innovator, and is recognized as a Top 40 Product Management Influencer and a Top 10 Innovation Blogger. Sharing his experiences, he talks about why and how he started podcasting and teaches us how he got the show...... Read More

Writing A Bestselling Bingeable Book Series With Mark Victor Hansen And Crystal Dwyer Hansen

  Asking questions is so powerful that it can help you produce a bingeable book series. Today, Tracy Hazzard talks to Mark Victor Hansen, the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and his wife Crystal Dwyer Hansen, who co-authors Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny with him. This conversation focuses on their book Ask!, its inception, and its aim of helping people fulfill their ultimate destiny. They dive deeper on...... Read More

Diving Into The White Space: SnapChat Podcast Communities With Jack Settleman

  How do you get hundreds of millions of audiences to listen to you and patronize your products? The answer is as simple as social media, but it doesn’t simply mean throwing anything online just to be noticed. Today, Tracy Hazzard interviews Jack Settleman, the Founder of Snapback Sports, the largest sports Snapchat account in the world totaling over 500M+ views YTD, and the host of the Snapback Chat podcast. Jack shares some tips in creating...... Read More

Creating Bingeable Content By Being A Business Freak With Donna Shannon

  In increasing exposure and capturing your target audience, you have to literally standout. For Donna Shannon – career coach, speaker, stand-up comic, President of the Personal Touch Career Services,  and the host of Tattooed Freaks in Business Suits podcast – being bingeable means leaving a lasting impression to anyone who knows you and your business. Today, she shares how she runs her podcast and creates bingeable content, from the microphones used to manipulating the...... Read More

Podcast Co-Hosts Crushing Their Binge-ability With Big Hearts With Craig Casaletto And Asante Cleveland

  Podcasting can offer more than just niche information. It can also bring impact to a bigger scale. Today, Tracy Hazzard has two awesome guests, former police detective Craig Casaletto and NFL veteran Asante Cleveland. They host The White Tiger Podcast which connects listeners with athletes, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their space who share personal and professional stories about victory, defeat, and what it takes to crush your goals. Today, they talk about how podcasting...... Read More