MMM – Marinating Your Marketing

  When you first meet someone, rarely do they automatically know you, like you, and trust you. Most of the time, just like cooking, you have to marinate them into the goodness. On today’s show, Tracy Hazzard and guest co-host Juliet Clark talk about marinating your marketing. Putting out something isn’t good enough. You’d want to sit down, see how it feels for a little bit of time, and get feedback on it. After all,...... Read More

Peppering Marketing Tone

  The tone with which any company does their marketing is just as important to their brand as their logo, their aesthetic, and every other aspect we associate with a “brand.” But a successful and appropriate marketing tone cannot be established without building up a good level of authenticity. Today, Juliet Clark of Super Brand Publishing joins Tracy Hazzard to talk about how authenticity helps craft your marketing tone and your brand. Juliet and Tracy...... Read More

Making Your Podcast Funny: Bringing Out The Funny With Stephanie McHugh

  Humor is probably one of the strongest suits a speaker could wear when they want to bring people over to their table. Unfortunately, being funny is not easy. Switching it up, host Tracy Hazzard brings on Stephanie McHugh who is not a podcaster but a comedian. Also a motivational speaker and a humor coach, Stephanie has been helping entrepreneurs and speakers add humor to their presentations. She talks about the many advantages of putting...... Read More

The Podcast Gender Wage Gap With Jeanine Wright

  Gender stereotypes affect every part of our lives, be that in our own private and personal lives or our jobs. Just as it penetrates across the physical spaces, issues on gender is also felt in the technological space. Tackling the gender wage gap happening in the podcasting industry, host Tracy Hazzard sits down with COO of Simplecast, Jeanine Wright. With two big podcasting companies under their names, Tracy and Jeanine give us a great...... Read More

Avoid Waste Of Time Webinars: How To Make Webinars Serve Your Purpose With Juliet Clark

  Are your webinars still working for you, or have they become time-wasters? In this episode, Inc. columnist and podcast content strategist Tracy Hazzard chats with Juliet Clark, the Founder of Super Brand Publishing and host of the Promote, Profit, Publish podcast. Tracy and Juliet reveal the technical reasons why webinars are no longer working to your advantage despite significant ad spend. They zero in on why people sign up but don’t show up. Learn tips on...... Read More

A-Ha Moment Marketing With Scott Carson

  The bottom line of your business realizes the benefit of the recorded content you create to use for marketing. In this episode, Scott Carson, aka “the Note Guy,” host of the The Note Closers Show Podcast, talks about starting his success on video to syndicating as a podcast with a monthly download of 32,000. Scott reveals the secret to looking like you are “everywhere” without doing a lot. He also explains how hitting different...... Read More

Keep Smiling And Amplify Your Message To The World with Ken Rochon

  If you want to make a big impression on social media or your website and anywhere in the world, you’ve got to have content. If your content can keep someone smiling, that’s even more impressive. In this episode, accomplished entrepreneur and The Umbrella Syndicate Co-Founder Ken Rochon talks about his journey to making a difference in the world. He started his professional career as a DJ but his mom’s declining health moved him to...... Read More

Getting Guests To Share Your Podcast Show

  Getting the next great guest is all about follow-up and relationship building, and the goal of having great guests on your show is to expand your audience and get more listeners. You’re not going to get more listeners if they don’t share it. The question is how do we get them to want to share your podcast? On today’s show, Tracy Hazzard shares some helpful tips on how you can get your guests to...... Read More

Speaking Opportunities with Jackie Lapin

  There is no better way to grow your platform and increase your following than speaking opportunities and guesting on other people’s shows. A lot of times, when people go to PR agencies these days, they complain that they don’t get a lot of value. If you need help in promoting your podcast or growing your show, you should consider connecting with Jackie Lapin. Jackie’s company, Conscious Media Relations, is a leader in helping authors,...... Read More

The Ultimate Must Have List for Any Podcast Host with Dan Mendilow + Sophie Kessner

Meet Dan Mendilow and Sophie Kessner, your guides through your unconscious mind. Also, the CEO of Breakthrough Mastery LLC, and the Co-Founder of Lifestyle Hackers, two coaching companies; Mendilow offers one-on-one sessions, workshops, online trainings, and speaking presentations. But his newest project is turning out to be one of his most fulfilling. The Mind Mastery and Manifestation podcast he operates with Kessner, is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Listeners write in to tell their stories...... Read More