LatinX Podcasting

    It is without a doubt that podcasting has evolved into a preferred medium for relaying niched information to a global audience. In this episode, we talk about how LatinX Podcaster of Café con Pam, Pam Covarrubias, has made her way through fame in their community. Throughout her diverse career, Pam has learned the importance of branding and positioning in an ever-changing market. She shares how she got the Latin community to embrace her...... Read More

Keep Smiling And Amplify Your Message To The World with Ken Rochon

  If you want to make a big impression on social media or your website and anywhere in the world, you’ve got to have content. If your content can keep someone smiling, that’s even more impressive. In this episode, accomplished entrepreneur and The Umbrella Syndicate Co-Founder Ken Rochon talks about his journey to making a difference in the world. He started his professional career as a DJ but his mom’s declining health moved him to...... Read More

Getting Guests To Share Your Podcast Show

  Getting the next great guest is all about follow-up and relationship building, and the goal of having great guests on your show is to expand your audience and get more listeners. You’re not going to get more listeners if they don’t share it. The question is how do we get them to want to share your podcast? On today’s show, Tracy Hazzard shares some helpful tips on how you can get your guests to...... Read More

Secrets Of Wealthy Women with Veronica Dagher

  Podcasting is fast becoming a major platform of information segregation mainly because of hosts who dedicate their content to specific niches. One of the most significant and successful podcasters today is Veronica Dagher, an award-winning Senior Wealth Management Reporter for the Wall Street Journal and the co-creator, host, and co-producer of the top-rated podcast, The Wall Street Journal’s Secrets of Wealthy Women. Podcasting has brought notable positive impact to many, especially women, and Veronica...... Read More

Speaking Opportunities with Jackie Lapin

  There is no better way to grow your platform and increase your following than speaking opportunities and guesting on other people’s shows. A lot of times, when people go to PR agencies these days, they complain that they don’t get a lot of value. If you need help in promoting your podcast or growing your show, you should consider connecting with Jackie Lapin. Jackie’s company, Conscious Media Relations, is a leader in helping authors,...... Read More

Courageous Wellness with Erica Stein and Aly French

  A dreaded disease can lead you to re-evaluate your life and hope for better days ahead. Cancer survivor Aly French has reinvented herself by living a healthier and more productive life along with her friend and Courageous Wellness co-host Erica Stein. Their story of friendship and persistence towards losing weight and de-stigmatizing what’s going on in conversations in the wellness space is phenomenal. By creating their platform, Aly and Erica have made an impact...... Read More

The Note Closers Show with Scott Carson

  To gain influence, podcasting your way through the top of your industry’s pyramid is the answer. In this episode, the “Note Guy” Scott Carson talks about how he started podcasting with the Note Closers Show and what influenced him to do so. Going through the positives and the negatives, Scott shows us how to market and attract great guests as well as how to tackle problems and trolls online that usually come our way...... Read More

Podcasting Medicare Nation with Diane Daniels

    How knowledgeable are you at Medicare? Diane Daniels, the CEO of Medicare Nation, talks about how she started her own podcast showcasing her knowledge about the health insurance program. Through her efforts, she has helped many understand what the insurance encompasses and clarifies many listener questions from it. Diane’s award-nominated podcast may not have millions of audiences, but you can surely learn a thing or two from its invaluable content. Helping Medicare agents...... Read More

Moms With Dreams Podcast with Erica Blocker

  Mothers feel guilty when they do what they love outside of being a mother and a wife. Certified life coach, best-selling author, and personal development speaker Erica Blocker reminds moms everywhere that it’s okay to pursue the things that you want through her Moms with Dreams podcast. Her personal story is key why her audience resonates with her. Erica also reveals why some moms hold back from reaching their potential. Catch her tips on...... Read More

Hyper Local Podcasting – Good Morning Gwinnett with Audrey Bell-Kearney

  Standing out from a flock of podcasters is not so complex especially when goals are clear. Audrey Bell-Kearney, the Founder and CEO of ABK Media Group, talks about her unique hyperlocal podcast called Good Morning Gwinnett. Audrey talks about how she evolved from hosting radio shows to podcasting and walks us through how hyperlocal podcasting works and what makes it one of a kind. Inviting guests is one of the foundations of podcasting. Audrey...... Read More