Stop Struggling and Start Profiting with Dan Kuschell

Flying under the radar for almost 30 years, Dan Kuschell has been partnering with industry experts and thought leaders to help them stop struggling and start profiting. Teaching this major shift over a few decades inspired Kuchell’s most recent venture; The Growth to Freedom podcast. Kuschell says his show teaches listeners to transform their lives, businesses, and relationships. “In each show, I interview industry leaders and experts in a variety of fields (business, finance, investing,...... Read More

Speaking From the Heart, Managing Expectations, and Ending Up Happy with Art Costello

Life coach, author of the groundbreaking book Expectation Therapy, and mindset expert, Art Costello, has an incredible story. When you listen to episodes of Shower Epiphanies, also the name of Costello’s podcast, you would never expect that he was abandoned at age nine and survived on his own accord for much of his life.  What Is Shower Epiphanies? According to Costello, when we learn to master our expectations, not try to override or get rid...... Read More

Leveraging LinkedIn For Podcasting with TR Garland

  Of all the platforms, LinkedIn is probably the most misunderstood and underutilized. Relationship marketing expert TR Garland says LinkedIn could and should not be thought of as social media. Rather, think of it as a huge convention center where you are posting a trade show. TR is a number one bestselling author and Wall Street Journal Award winner. In this episode, he shares how you can leverage your free LinkedIn profile using his three-step...... Read More

The Successful Thinker with Corey Jahnke

Corey Jahnke has been a retail pharmacist for over 30 years. When he started his career in his early twenties, he remembers thinking to himself, “Oh god, I have to do this for 40-years. Take this with food, take this on an empty stomach.” This started the wheels turning for Jahnke. He wanted to know how he could do this life differently, and all of that has been leading him to this moment right here....... Read More

Best Microphones For Podcasting (And The Worst Ones, Too)

  Probably the most important element when it comes to podcasting is the sound quality. This quality is only going to be as good as the microphone you use to record the episode. In this very informative and engaging post, Tom reviews different brands of microphones for podcasting to help you find the best ones to use and the ones to avoid. You don’t have to simply take his word for it, you can also...... Read More

Guest Booking Forms

  If there’s one handy reference that every podcast host can have when they book guests on their show, it will all sum up to creating a guest booking form through a scheduling software. Today, we break down the top things you need to gather in your guest booking forms and the best practices for how to use one. It is important to note that too much information required will tend to lose guest’s interests....... Read More

Crafting Your Message and Creating Your Avatar with Keith Baker

With a background in construction, oil fields, and insurance Adjusting in relation to his oil field work, Keith Baker is a podcast host with lofty goals. A few clicks through his website will have you asking yourself the question Baker focuses heavily on: “Am I ready to change the economy?” Another common question you might find yourself asking, after listening to one of Baker’s episodes is, “Am I ready to learn how to successfully invest...... Read More

Recording Environment Tips

  Podcasting is the most significant source for audio content. With that being said, it is essential to note that you must have an environment that will not mess up your first and future podcast recordings. As we kick off our series of tech checks for our private client webinars, we dive into the tips or hacks to sounding like you are in a recording studio. Take a pen and paper and make sure you...... Read More

Recording The Perfect Podcast Introduction Episode

  A lot of people will agree that the first podcast episode is the most daunting. Since it is the do-or-die episode for every podcast host, it requires perfection and energy. Today, we give away the techniques and the three core components of a perfect podcast introduction episode. Learn how to nail your first one and make your listeners look forward to the upcoming episodes. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here:...... Read More

Closing The Sale: The Three Questions You Need To Get A Yes To with Dov Gordon

  One of the greatest desires for many entrepreneurs out there is to lead generate – to find clients. However, this can be hard to do for some because it takes a lot of planning and using the right techniques or strategies to be able to not only connect but find the right people as well. Dov Gordon is the alchemist entrepreneur and a consultant for lead generation, but overall he is a master connector....... Read More