How do you measure success?
Well, in truth, that question is relative. After all, isn’t success determined by the goals and standards we set for ourselves? And there is definitely something to be said for that, but…in terms of podcasting… well, we’d say a 3-6 month waiting list for your internationally recognized CEOs and billionaire guests is probably about as close as you get to a quantifiable measurement.
Our featured guest today is none other than Dr. Diane Hamilton: author, award-winning speaker, emotional intelligence instructor, and professor at Forbes School of Business. Amongst her various successful endeavors, Diane (a veritable superwoman in disguise) has managed to teach over 1,000 business courses, at multiple universities, while maintaining her wildly popular podcast Take The Lead. In it, she leverages over 30 years of sales experience to create a humorous, informative, and insightful look at how some the greatest minds of today got their start.

Dr. Diane Hamilton

Of her impressive guest list, Take The Lead has seen the likes of business tycoons such as Steve Forbes and Craig Newmark (Craigslist), as well as Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Shawne Duperon and Richard Stallman (creator of GNU/Linux).
What’s perhaps most unique about the podcast though, is not her guests – it’s Diane herself. Far more than just regurgitating CEO success stories, she’s able to leverage her extensive background in business management as well as her certification as an emotional intelligence EQ-i instructor, to raise the bar of interviewing to new heights.
When asked about advice that she might give to someone just beginning their journey, Diane was quick to credit her success to one thing: preparation. Before each guest is even booked in her calendar, Diane has read their articles, purchased their books, and streamed their speaking appearances. Given that most of her interviews are unscripted, each episode is a unique experience, which, she says, is derived almost entirely from what she can gather about her guest through research.
Dr. Diane Hamilton
This exciting mix of spontaneity and effective strategizing culminates into a highly entertaining listening experience.
But just how exactly how did Diane get into podcasting in the first place?
“Well, I went to do an interview for a radio show, and I thought. ‘wow that’s really cool, how’d you get that job?’ Two weeks later I had my own radio show.”
You know, because it’s that easy, right?
This type of go-getter attitude is exactly what has set Diane apart from others in her field. As a female Ph.D. with an extensive track record in academia, as well as business, she exemplifies a healthy balance of pedagogy and entrepreneurial spirit.

Dr. Diane Hamilton

It’s no wonder her waiting list is so long….but it wasn’t always that way.
When first beginning her journey as a voice in the public sphere, Diane, like many newbie podcasters, had to develop a system for finding, not just any guests, but the right ones. She needed people that were congruent with her brand message and its subsequent content. Of course, possessing the potential to elevate her audience numbers wouldn’t hurt either.
Although she had amassed an impressive list of professional contacts via her networking over the years, Diane also searched in some highly creative, albeit unusual places. For instance, by scouring the internet for motivational speaking events, business conferences, and self-improvement brochures, she was able to gather ideas about who the sought after names and authority figures were in various respective fields. By reaching out to them directly on LinkedIn, one-by-one, Diane was able to collect some of the biggest and most influential names as guest speakers for her show.
Of course, we were curious to know whether the podcast has had any impact on her personal or professional life, to which she responded, “Absolutely! It’s opened doors to meet and develop relationships with people all over the world. I wouldn’t have had these chances otherwise. That being said, don’t try and do the whole thing two weeks.”
Dr. Diane Hamilton
She’s got a point there.

Podcasting is not so difficult that you have to be a specialist or a tech-wizard to accomplish it. However, if you are unfamiliar with some of the technical components and background necessary to achieve the kind of quality sound and production you want, it can feel a bit overwhelming at times.

Though she did most of the production herself, from scratch, Diane eventually reached out to Podetize to put the finishing touches on the foundation she had built.
“The best part about Podetize is that I just hand the work off to you guys” she said smiling,
“And I have definitely noticed a huge increase in my website traffic which is fantastic.”
If you’re curious about what Diane’s been up to lately, head over to her website to check out her latest bestselling book Cracking the Curiosity Code.