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Anybody out there who is in business has a mission in life. They have a goal, they have experiences, and they have a point of view. If you’re thinking of being in business and being an entrepreneur and sharing that with the world, one of the ways you can give yourself freely is through a podcast. Stefanie Peters of The Boss Life podcast says a lot of people are nervous about public speaking, but you have to remember it’s not about you. It’s about adding value to your community and to your tribe and making a difference in their life. She shares some tips and insight on how you can get empowered to start your own podcast and be a game changer in your space.

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Changing The Game Through Podcasting with Stefanie Peters

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Stefanie, thank you so much. I’m excited to talk to you again. It’s been a while since we’ve talked. I would love for you to share a little bit about the Lady Boss Empire and The Boss Life Podcast, so people get a little clear understanding of what you’re all about. Then I have some other things I was thinking of asking you after that.

I founded the Lady Boss Empire a little over six years ago and we are a faith-based empowerment platform and resource center for women. It’s so fun bridging the gap between where women are and where they ultimately want to go and give them those tools and resources to succeed in business or life. We do seminars throughout the US. I do keynote leadership talks. We have a fun event coming up in April in Paris, Brand Like A Boss. We have a lot of different incredible events helping people to step into their God-given potential. Often, what tends to happen with women is they are very confident in their role as a mother or some other things they’ve been doing for quite a long time. When they have that God-sized dream that God has put on their heart, they’re wondering how to execute on it. What I love to do is say, “Girl, you got this. Let’s make it happen,” and breathe that life and belief into them.

It sounds like it’s about empowerment. Is that fair? Do you find a lot of people who you meet in this process very self-conscious or doubting themselves, or wondering if they can do it?

PPM 6 Peters | Podcasting

Unleash Your Lady Boss: 10 Keys To Unlock Your Ultimate Life And Ignite The Greatness Within

Even in my first book, Unleash Your Lady Boss, one of the chapters in there is Dominate Your Doubts. I even had an experience myself where I could have totally been taken down by unbelief. Sometimes we’re our own worst critic. Let’s say we want to start a podcast and we are thinking, “I would say “um” too much. It’s not going to be perfect. What if people don’t like my content?” What if they do? What if you crush it in this space? What if you change someone’s life? I like to help them to change the paradigm going from the fixed mindset to the faith mindset. Fixed mindset says, “I’m only a stay-at-home mom,” which is an amazing job, but then they’re like, “I could never start a podcast. I could never write a book. I could never start a business.” It’s like, “Who told you that? Who convinced you of that?” You need to start telling yourself, “I might not know exactly how to do it, but Google is my friend and God is backing me up, so we’re good.”

“Google is your friend,” I love that quote. It’s so very true. This is an issue that I know you’re saying is true for your audience. These people that like you said, “You just have to do it.” This is a common thing amongst new podcasters in general. That’s interesting. There are some parallels there between not only your particular audience, but what people like you who decide you’re going to create a podcast, they have fears about, “I’m not a speaker.” A lot of times, maybe they’ve recorded themselves and listened to themselves a little bit and hear all the ums and the ahs and the awkward pauses. They don’t realize you can edit podcasts. You can sound like a fantastic speaker even if you’re not. Although if you do it enough, you are absolutely going to get better and better at it.

It’s a great practice field. One of my good friends, Eric Goldstein, introduced me to you. I’m so grateful for that because I was having a conversation with him in May. I said, “Here’s the deal, Eric. I love podcasting, but Lord knows I’m not that tech girl. I feel like I’m getting so bogged down by the tech side. It gets to be pretty expensive trying to outsource all of these different things.” He said, “Have you ever heard of Brandcasters and this guy named Tom?” I’m like, “No, but I need to know him.” Thank you, Tom, for being my saving grace and helping me stay in my lane, do what I do best, and illuminate that message. Help to get the message out there and leverage your time as a busy professional. Podcasting is a phenomenal tool, but the average business person can get bogged down by the tech side.

They definitely can. That’s the thing that we love. I love many things about what we do, which is to help support people like you, every one of our podcasters to achieve your goals. The reality is I practice what I preach. I’m a host of three different podcasts and I could never do that if I had to do it all myself. It’s not even possible. I need to focus on what I need to do for my business and not work as much in it but on it. You need support and even just general business consulting, which we end up doing a lot. The important thing to learn is that you don’t have to do everything yourself and in fact, you shouldn’t. Where are your strengths and play to those. Where are you needing more support and outsourcing that is super critical?

I talked about that a lot in my high-level business coaching is to stay in your zone of genius. Where do you shine? How do you make the most impact? Delegate everything else if it’s possible. You’re definitely in hustle mode at the beginning because you maybe don’t have the cashflow quite yet to get to that point. That’s where I love to come in and think about, “Where can we create multiple streams of residual income just in case one dries up, you’ve got a couple of others to choose from? Dig your well before you’re thirsty and then that can project and propel those business goals forward much quicker when you have your money working for you.”

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There are so many things you have to keep track of now in business as an entrepreneur or a business owner. All the social media aspects and how are you going to market your business. We think podcasting or videocasting is a fantastic way to do it because you’re creating content very easily and quickly. You can speak it much faster than you can write it and putting it out every which way possible. If you have a video, great, it’s on YouTube. You can convert that to a podcast, convert that to a blog post, create all these graphics around it and put them on Instagram. They are everywhere on social media and that’s the wonderful thing. The Lady Boss Empire, I do want to get more into what you’re about. You speak a lot around the country. You’re a speaker. What types of events are you speaking at?

I speak at a lot of women’s empowerment events. We host our own. We do Unleash Your Lady Boss Life seminars. We do Goals, Dreams and Attitude seminars, Success seminars. It’s something similar to Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey. A lot of times when I speak on those different stages, then there’s usually people in the audience that say, “You’ve got to talk to my group of people.” I spoke at Clean & Lean by Carisa Rasmussen and it was talking about that total wellness concept. Ask specific of like, “What is your audience looking for? How can I be a game changer to inspire them to take action on what they want to accomplish?” Then help them to put together a game plan to help them to get there.

I love it when that happens, when you speak at one event or you’re attending an event and people that know you are referring you to other events. That’s the best thing that can happen because they’re endorsing you as they’re recommending or referring you to these events. That’s the power of speaking from the stage or speaking from the microphone in your podcast. That’s important for people to learn is it gives you authority and people will gravitate towards you as a person as you speak.

You and I both know. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. There’s only so much time to be eye-to-eye and belly-to-belly across the table over coffee. We’re going to go nuts if we try it if that’s the only way that we do our business. I don’t think there’s any way to replace the eye-to-eye, that human connection in person, but this is another amazing way, like even case in point. When I started my podcast, as soon as you took it on, one of the different episodes was called Secret To Unstuck. I talked about the ins and outs about how to get yourself in your own way, how to talk about the affirmations, how to burn the lies and go into this whole thing. There’s this gal that reaches out to me on Instagram and she said, “I listened to your podcast. It was amazing. It changed my life.” I was like, “That’s nice that you said that it changed your life.” Did it really? Maybe it did, but it was so crazy because she was trying to get on the phone with you, “I have a couple of questions about your business.”

PPM 6 Peters | Podcasting

Podcasting: People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust.


We got on the phone, we chatted and I kid you not, that podcast changed her life. Which she said, “I was in some depression. I would go to the gym in the morning with my girlfriends so no one would know what was wrong. Then I would go home and I would sleep and I wanted to do nothing. I had some hard things that happened in my life.” She said, “I took copious notes on The Secret To Unstuck and thank you for investing in me. Even though you didn’t know that you were investing in me.” I got chills and she’s like, “Can I hire you as my coach?” I joint ventured with her with one of my businesses that helped to bring in a good solid stream residual income. I helped her with her other business within business coaching and she put out an Instagram story of how this one podcast, The Secret To Unstuck changed her life. Here’s where she is now. You can’t make that stuff up. It’s so awesome of how a podcast changes someone’s life.

Anybody who is in business has a mission in life. They have a goal, they have experiences, and they have a point of view. They are subject matter experts in something usually. If you’re thinking of going out on your own and being in business, being an entrepreneur. If you share that with the world, if you give of yourself freely over a podcast or live streams on Facebook, whatever it is. If you properly convert that, multicast that everywhere, you’re going to get a lot of exposure for it. People do appreciate what you have to give and they think they know you even though you’ve never met them. Have you had that happen? You’ve had somebody come up to you at an event and talk to you as if they’d been your best friend for years?

When I was speaking at Carisa’s event, this woman comes up to me. She gives me this huge hug. She was like, “You don’t know me, but I know you.” She said, “I’ve been listening to your podcast and it is amazing. My favorite podcast was with Carisa. This is my second one. I’m telling all my girlfriends.” It’s so fun to know. You have no idea the life that you truly are making an impact in. I listened to a podcast where I had some different things that were getting in my head and written space in my head that shouldn’t have been. I’m like, “I’m a personal development girl.” Those are one of the top five things in the morning I do every single morning. I listen to a podcast to get my mind in the right space because truly I believe business. I believe life is all one last in the mind and when you can have that flip of the switch, a little bit of a paradigm shift. It makes all the difference in the world like the outcome of your life. I get excited about it.

You should get excited about. I’m thrilled that it’s working so well for you because that’s a great example. Everybody has a different way of measuring the success of their podcast and of their content marketing for their business. Not everybody wants to speak from the stage for instance and not everybody is trying to be a coach of some kind. Everybody has a different thing they’re trying to achieve, but one thing is universal. That is putting yourself out there, putting that content. People are going to find you if you’re doing it right and then your fans are going to rave about you and they are going to interact with you. You’re building a community, oftentimes.

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That’s even the reason that I started the Lady Boss Empire. The likelihood of women going after their dreams is slim to none if they don’t have that tribe around them that are cheering them along the way. Even if they do have that cheerleading squad behind them, it still can be difficult. That’s why creating that community, that tribe and that A-team, you are a combination of your five closest friends, the books that you read, the places that you go, and the podcasts that you listen to.

You have to do that. You may consume it different ways. You may consume it on Facebook, you may consume it in your favorite podcast app, and you can consume it on someone’s website. It doesn’t matter. The latest thing we’re working on is so that people can consume it through Facebook Messenger. That’s a cool new delivery channel. Isn’t that neat? It’s in Beta, but it’s exciting. There are so many great ways that people can consume it in the way that makes sense for them. I had this experience that’s relevant to this conversation. There are three different podcasts I’m a host of. The first one is several years old and it’s 540 episodes or something so far.

I had somebody reach out to us through our Facebook fan page for that podcast. They discovered the podcast and they’re methodically going through all the back episodes. We used to have this segment where we would do a couple of days a week. Because we used to do five episodes a week for that podcast since we launched it. We had different themes on different days and a couple of days a week we had the Ask Us Anything segment where somebody wrote in a question, we would answer it for them on the podcast and share that with everybody. He said, “I don’t know if you still doing that, Ask Us Anything, but I have a question.” He asked a good question.

It turns out over the years our format has changed and we don’t have those themed episodes Ask Us Anything anymore, but am I going to create a podcast episode all around that question? Yes, I absolutely am. They were still engaging with our audience and supporting them, allowing them to engage with us and ask questions and it’s not a one-way street. That’s the thing people sometimes have trouble with when they sit down to start recording a podcast. Did you ever have that situation in the very beginning? “I’m just sitting and talking. I’m talking to myself. Does that feel weird and is that okay?” You’re not talking to yourself. You are speaking to your community, to your listener that are real living and breathing people out there. It’s just not live.

PPM 6 Peters | Podcasting

Podcasting: Podcasting is not about you. It’s about adding value to your community and your tribe and making a difference in their life.


There are two different ways that you could look at that. You could look at that like, “I’m just talking to the air,” or you can flip the switch and say, “I’m making an impact on my community and I pray that this reaches the people that it needs to reach.” Then some people can be on the flipside, they’re like, “I don’t even know who’s listening to this. This makes me nervous.” If you think about how it makes the impact and not how you’re perceived, that’s where you can switch it up. I know even for public speaking when women want to step in, but they’re like, “I’m so nervous about speaking.” This is not about you. It’s about adding value to your community and to your tribe and making a difference in their life. Then you can switch it from the fear mindset to “I’m doing this for them.” It makes it a lot easier.

The mindset is so important. It’s perfectly natural. People who are new at this don’t understand or have a concept of what that mindset should be or could be. That’s another thing that is important that as you’re getting into this what we call content marketing or digital marketing using podcasting or video as a tool, there are communities. There are masterminds, there are places that you can seek some support and advice from and that is a wonderful opportunity as well. Even our community of people we work with and on our Facebook page, we’re answering questions from people all the time. You can get that support, just like the support that you’re giving all these women to empower themselves and to achieve great things. Are you having to go solicit now to get speaking engagements or are you getting so many offered to you that you’re having trouble keeping up?

We’re really accommodating. There are definitely some stages that I’m looking to land that my team are pursuing, but there’s been a lot more organic reach with a lot of people reaching out. I’ve had to prioritize where I’m going to be speaking now because of all the organic reach. There’s only so much time of the day and being able to say, “Does my message align with what you’re looking for?” I have to be more strategic with saying yes and saying no or maybe not now for this time. It’s crazy how things have flipped the switch. I just want to put this out there to some podcasters that maybe are new and are feeling like, “I’m not getting the traction that I want.”

There are a couple of specific stages that you’re looking to hit, you only need to make a good connection with one person. It is exponentially greater when you put out a podcast or you put out some type of a Facebook Live. We had a girl that I was coaching. She is the CEO of Working International and she said, “I don’t even know if this Facebook Live and all these different podcasts are making a difference.” I said, “It takes one person to see that right thing and if you don’t put it out there, you’re not going to get there.” Long story short, she kept being consistent and finally the one right person watched one of her lives and she landed a segment on TV. I said, “If that’s what it takes, you just have to keep shooting because you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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That’s a great quote right there. I definitely want to note that one and I’ve heard the quote before, but you’ve got to show up. It’s like when I was a kid and I was nervous about asking a girl out on a date. One of my friend’s mothers said to me, “If you don’t ask, it’s a definite no.” It’s the same thing you were saying. You’re going to miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so you’ve got to take some shots. That’s a great message and so many people get stuck in this permanent potential, don’t they? Where they do have a message to offer. They have something unique to say, unique perspective and can help others in whatever their area of interest or expertise is, but they stay on the sidelines.

We hold ourselves back from the greatness inside of us. Even I was nervous about asking a couple of people to even come on my podcast, but then I thought to myself, “They’re not on now. The worst thing that’s going to happen is they’re not going to be on later.” I even Instagram messaged one gal that I was like, “There’s no shot.” Then I’m like, “Try it.” I messaged her, I sent her a very creative email. She said yes. She was on the last podcast from ABC News. It’s cool how the doors of opportunity open with the opportunity that you have when you are the authority and you are a podcaster. There are going to be some people that say no, that’s okay. No now is not no later, so put it out there.

I’ve done 650 or 700 total podcast episodes. Not all of those are interviews. I would say a good half of them are interviews. I don’t think I’ve ever had anybody say no when I’ve asked them to be interviewed because they’re all after their own self-interest too. It’s exposure for them. Any newbies, I want you to understand that even if you’re a new podcast and somebody as a guest on your first episodes and you have 50 plays, 100 plays or whatever. Those early episodes are going to be played over and over in months and years to come because people will find your podcast then. They will listen to it. This person who I mentioned to you is listening to my show and he messaged me. He’s listening to episodes that are easily two, two and a half years old. They continue to live as long as your content is evergreen.

If you’re doing a podcast on Here’s Today’s News, I don’t think it’s going to happen. If you’re serving, giving value, providing in your niche and providing good content, it’s going to live there forever. It will continue to serve you. I’m so happy you’re seeing that and experiencing that. I’m very excited to see that you have so many speaking opportunities. That’s the fun part because as a business owner, you can decide, “I’m going to spend the majority of my time speaking, helping serving others that way and lead generating for my business.” You can then have staff, employees, whatever that are helping to provide whatever it is the product that you may be selling or support you in achieving more. Maybe you don’t want to speak as much from the stage. It doesn’t matter, but these are the opportunities to help you market and grow your business. I’m thrilled to hear how well you’re doing. That’s great.

Tom, I want to say thank you for the invite to be on here and for taking out the crazy of what it takes to put a podcast out there. It means the world to me and countless other people. Thank you for what you do. I’m excited about being a long-term partner with you guys because you guys are phenomenal.

Thank you so much. I do appreciate that and thank you for joining me, Stefanie.

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PPM 6 Peters | PodcastingAs I was transitioning to college, I remember feeling like there had to be more to life than just trading hours for dollars. I saw so many of my friends getting into huge student loan debt, racking up the credit cards, and struggling to find a career in their desired field. I knew there had to be more to life than simply going through the motions.

I knew that I wanted to make an impact and not just a paycheck.  When I thought about my ideal life, I wanted to empower people to step into their greatness.  I envisioned myself inspiring others into their best life. I envisioned being an international speaker, best selling author, high-level business coach, and whatever other platform I could step into in order to show people that a life of purpose was possible. There was only one problem, I had no stream of revenue and let’s be honest, it can be hard to follow dreams when you also need to pay the bills.

Once I decided to stop simply talking about what I wanted and start creating a plan to get there, I discovered an opportunity that lead me to partnering with an inc 500 company and THAT is when I began earning the income that allowed me to follow the vision that I always had for my life. I’ve been able to become that best-selling author, speaker, John C Maxwell certified business coach, and a resource for others who want to create their own life by design. I fill the gap between dreams and reality by showing people what type of tools they can take action on NOW to get where they want to go in the future.

Today I spend my time doing the one thing that lights my soul on fire. Whether it be through one of the empowerment events, books, online courses, or coaching, I empower others to live their dreams now. You are not here on accident, you are here for a purpose, and I believe that everything happens for a reason. You owe it to yourself to know what your options are, you owe it to yourself to step into your dreams, you owe it to yourself to live that life of freedom that you crave. I equip others, just like you, to take their life to the next level. YOU READY?

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