Juliet Clark, host of the Promote, Profit, Publish podcast, joined Podetize when she began to realize how much more she could help entrepreneurs and authors through this untapped medium. For Clark, an expert not only in publishing but also high-level marketing, she knew if she could get her message out there, she could guide more people towards success.

The reason Clark’s message is so unique, and needing to be heard, comes down to one word: process. With all the time she spent in the traditional publishing and marketing world, Clark realized that so many entrepreneurs and authors were doing things out of order and oftentimes costing themselves more time and money. Today, Clark runs some pretty great numbers. She has helped more than 600 entrepreneurs and authors share their work with the world and has published more than 60 books, turning more than 190 authors/entrepreneurs into best-selling experts.

The Right Things in the Right Order

When clients come to Clark, it’s because they are ready to cut through the clutter, clarify their message, and figure out how to get their message out there. And these impactful topics are exactly what Clark focuses on for her podcast episodes and guests. However, Clark pointed out that plenty of potential clients show up on her doorstep with the same idea: if I write a book, sales will go crazy, and I’ll have the success I always dreamed of.

“Most authors get it wrong. The put the wrong steps in the wrong order, pinning all of their hopes, dreams, and money on the sale of the book.”


Process, Process, Process

The process that has proven itself time and time again for Clark’s clients pushes each person to focus on platform building first, not as an afterthought.

“Establish yourself as the world authority on your topic first, creating a trust between you and your audience that allows you to write, and sell, whatever you want with ease and flow. Step one of this process takes your investment and cycles it right back into you, your image, your platform, your global presence. You can’t afford to keep the curtain closed. Your ticket to freedom is to position yourself as the go-to expert on your topic by way of your personal truth before you even attempt to sell a book.”

The Power in the Process

The thing that every entrepreneur learns, most often through trial and error, is that the right process matters. Regardless of content or platform- if you are doing things in the wrong order, you are going to hurt your own chances at success. Clark’s efforts at revealing this to new entrepreneurs or authors is admirable.

Step One: Learn how to monetize back at the beginning (may we suggest a certain podcast?)

Step Two: Identify and design your avatar.

Step Three: Connect with that avatar, the people who you know will buy your book, from day one, before you are ever selling anything.

Step Four: Share, share, share! Authentic content that offers solutions or knowledge that identifies you as an expert in your field is key to your success.

Step Five: Monetize your platform by selling your book. All of those other steps pay off.

Seeking Authenticity = Building Trust

For plenty of entrepreneurs, when the bills are piling up, it’s hard not to focus on money. However, as Clark puts it, “If you’re only about the money, you’re in the wrong place. This process of platform building works, every time, because you pride yourself on authenticity.”  This approach, something we believe is very important in any business, allows transparency and trust to grow organically. And when nothing is forced, real connections happen, real platforms grow, and sales happen.

Time Is Also Money

There are so many directions entrepreneurs are pulled, and this time suck pulls the entrepreneur away from what they’re good at, which ironically is what can be monetized. Taking the administrative duties, the busy work, out of the picture, represents an upfront cost that is reciprocated in time, allowing the entrepreneur more time to make more money.

“You guys have taken all of the, for lack of a better word, crap off my plate. So I do my homework on my end, record, send it out to Podetize, and then it’s done, so I have freed up this time that I have now been able to monetize. I can now spend my time onboarding, on appointments, and on the things I should be spending my time on, to grow my business.”

Content Is King in Promoting + Platform Building

“I have an extraordinary amount of content now that I can put out there, in different formats, with little to no effort. The streamlining has saved me 2-3 hours per week.” This process of streamlining is mirrored in what Clark is offering her clients in the realm of publishing and platforming building. Become the powerhouse authority you know you are in an authentic way, all in a day’s work.