Have an Alter Ego you want to share with the world??

Athena Rosette experienced an understanding of duality early on in life. While playing as a child, she noticed herself watching her thoughts and wondered: “If I’m noticing me think… who am I? Are there 2 of me? Am I the one thinking? Or the one who notices?”

As a rebellious child growing up in a strict religious home, duality became survival. It is no surprise that as an adult, Athena has become fascinated with identity, Alter Egos, duality, and expression.

Experimenting with Alter Egos has expanded Athena’s self concept and quality of life, bridging from an old view of herself into a new way of being in her travels, personal, and professional realms. Over time, she took ownership of these different personas, eventually integrating into a Super Self.

Today, Athena is passionate about the power of Alter Egos to help others transcend accepted limitations. Using movement practices, meditation, and intentional embodiment, Athena helps her clients unlock seemingly unreachable results through allowance of the Super Self!

As Seen, Heard, & Read On...

Podcasts and podcasters have started to move over to that spot where the show doesn’t just entertain, it also influences people to be better and do better. Athena Rosette started her podcast because she wanted to develop a side of her that is internal and thoughtful in a vocal perspective. She was able to connect and grow with her audience by having an authentic podcast voice that soon led her to realize that podcasts can be a platform on a spiritual level. Learn more about Athena’s passion of giving her audience unique experiences as they listen to her show.