Chelsea Lee Rock

Confidence is SEXY course

Chelsea Lee Rock is a mindset coach specializing in helping women overcome the barriers in their lives through tools that provide you a different experience than you’ve had before.

She has also created a program that helps women find their confidence, get healthy and gain their life back in her “Confidence is SEXY course”

Professionally, she has been in film and tv for 6 years and in voice acting for 4 years. She has been featured in magazines such as Magic Image Hollywood Magazine, American Fitness, FINE magazine, and many more.

As Seen, Heard, & Read On...

Every podcaster needs to sound confident because they are marketing their show using their voice. Having a “fake it till you make it” attitude can work, but only to a certain degree. Confidence Queen Chelsea Lee Rock’s solution is to find a confidence booster that will help you find the power to get your message gets across. To do this, think about the positive things that you like about yourself and build on that. Instead of saying “This is stupid,” say “This is brilliant!” Chelsea shares her experiences and insights using her voice as a career to help you build professional techniques as a podcaster.