Corey Jahnke

The Successful Thinker

In 2008 Corey found himself facing compassion fatigue and provider burnout at life-threatening levels. The real estate crash combined with emotional exhaustion created a nearly impossible relationship situation at home.

Fortunately, one amazing night EVERYTHING SHIFTED and Corey found a way to make peace with the villains that were challenging his very survival.

His life’s mission is to help you and your organization to do the same.

A Sample of Corey's Best Episodes...

Keep On Going with Tonya Jahnke – The Healthy Habits Girl

Tonya Jahnke could not be far removed from her life now 28 years ago. She was a heavy smoker, running on two packs a day, who could not even walk up a short hill without having to stop. As a high school dropout with a fourth-grade math level, she was ashamed of who she was. Yet her experiences have taught her so much more and propelled her to where she is now. Today, Tonya is known as “The Healthy Habits Girl,” a wellness champion with a Bachelor’s degree, a cardiac nurse, and a full-time health advocate, having run seventeen marathons.

Leading For Impact With Core Values with Guest Gary Campbell

Good leadership inspires teamwork which is one keystone to a company’s success. Gary Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of Johnson Health Center and President of Impact2Lead, has taken teamwork to incredible levels by applying what he had learned in a previous role with Bayer and through personal development training as a Go-Giver Certified Coach.

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As Seen, Heard, and Read On...

Corey Jahnke: Approachability is EVERYTHING!

In this episode Virginia and Corey discuss:

  • How Corey became a sought after healthcare professional
  • Why Corey believes that attitude is everything and that professionalism is overrated
  • Two important mindsets… and why only one of them will make you successful
  • Several great books and a whole lot more!

Leading by Example, with Corey Jahnke

Corey Jahnke is the Chief Imagineer at Mind*Star Academy, a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach, Community Pharmacist, Lifelong Learner, and Enthusiastic Dog Lover.

Corey has devoted his life to helping people reengineer their confidence levels so that they can explode their businesses, expand their influence, and live the kind of magical life that he gets to live on a daily basis.

How To Survive At Work As An Adult

Here’s A great question: How do you survive at work as an adult?

The guy does everything he can to be nice, play fair, and work within the system, and before he knows it, the relentless drift of events has done everything possible to erode his self-image…

He looks back on his life and he wants to jump off a 10-story building.

The Smiling Provider

“I’m completely fascinated by your attitude” I told him with great enthusiasm.

“You don’t like it?” he shot back with a sly smile.

“Oh, I like it Ed. In fact, I LOVE it! You are completely contagious” I replied after watching him meet and greet every person in the small hospital break room.

What struck me the most was his genuine interest in everyone…