After two break-ups within six months, Dave Glaser set out to discover what it means to date authentically in Denver! He discovered the self-awareness and personal growth through the Enneagram was the key to solving the puzzle of his failed relationships. Since then, the podcast has grown to reach 35 countries set to create a community for authentic daters learn more about themselves to connect with each other!

A Sample of David's Best Episodes...

Finding “The One” with Thomas Suski

Thomas Suski is a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner who also happens to be a hopeless romantic. He believes that people’s past programming is what holds them back in relationships and his mission is to help people move from past pain to pleasure!

Can You Keep Up with Chasity Snowden?

Chasity Snowden, Crossfit competitor at the 2018 Games, joined me on the podcast to talk about how hard it is to find a man strong enough to keep up with her! We originally connected on Instagram with a shared passion for Olympic lifting, one of Chasity’s biggest passions! So much so that she named her fun pup Oly.

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As Seen, Heard, and Read On...

Dave Glaser: Entrepreneur, Mentor, CSCS, & Podcaster

Dave Glaser is an entrepreneur, CSCS, podcaster, mentor, and last but not least, a Dad.  Dave is a wealth of knowledge in a variety of areas, including:  business, personal training, mentoring, and dating.  For this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast, Dave and I spend a good chunk of time discussing dating and the interesting aspects of seeking a soul mate.  We also discuss:  Fatherhood, vulnerability, triggers, comparison, communication, and of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!

The Foundations of Healthy Relationships with Dave Glaser

Dave Glaser is an entrepreneur and host of the Believe, Be Real, Be Bold Podcast. Dave has a passion for health and helping others through business and personal training.

In this conversation, Jessica and Dave share what they learned from their past relationships, secrets and self-care tips, and the most important things to do for yourself when dating.

Meet David Glaser of Believe Be Real Be Bold Podcast in Congress Park

Today we’d like to introduce you to David Glaser.