When I decided to invest in real estate I hadn’t yet developed the confidence to speak to sellers, so I bought my first investment property from my parents, just to get moving.  My wife and I then house hacked our way through our starter home, which we slowly flipped for a nice profit.  Then I decided it was time to become a landlord, which I again learned about the hard way!

Because I travel so much for my day job, I converted an old 401(k) into a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) and began private lending to local real estate investors to keep me in the real estate investing loop, close to the action, and to expand my network.  Through private lending I bought my first rental property from a potential borrower and I met my business partner, Landon.  Together Landon and I formed Asset REI, LLC, which focuses on providing owner financing to buyers and properties that are neglected and overlooked by the too big to fail banks:  thus we become the bank!

My goal for the Private Lender Podcast is to provide you the knowledge and confidence to step up to the world of alternative investments, take control of your future in terms of your well being and education, not just your finances.

Remember, the greatest real estate investment you can make is in the space between your ears.

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