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My name is Kit Parks, and I comb the planet to find the best multi-day active travel experiences for fit folks like yourself. I share my findings with you on this website, in my twice a month podcast (also called Active Travel Adventures) and my monthly email newsletter.

I’m not talking climbing Mount Everest here — or anything crazy or dangerous.  Think more along the lines of a cycling tour through the vineyards of France or a week long hike from one medieval village to the next through the lochs and moors of Scotland.  On a scale of 1 – 5 with five being extremely difficult, most will be around a 3.

A Sample of Kit's Best Episodes...

Explore Canada’s Banff National Park

One of Canada’s most popular national parks, Banff is a readily accessible, stunningly gorgeous park that can be visited year ’round!  The charming town of Banff sits INSIDE of the national park – how cool is that!  A UNESCO World Heritage site, it is worth your time to plan at least one visit to Banff.

Bucket List Builder

Building a Bucket List is a great way to help make sure you achieve your life’s dreams.  For some, it may mean climbing Kilimanjaro.  Others may want to see the cherry blossoms in Japan.  In today’s fast paced…

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