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A Sample of Lisa's Best Episodes...

Episode 7: Finding Your Life’s Meaning and Purpose with Laurie Santos

We sometimes find ourselves with the dilemma of getting out of our comfort zone, even if we’re not happy with the way we’re living our lives. Laurie Santos, a highly accomplished life coach, shares the story of how she found her life’s meaning and purpose from being a US Probation and Parole Officer for ten years to becoming a coach. She says[…] more

Episode 5: Cultivating A Healthy Sense Of Self

We all want to reach a truly rewarding and fulfilling life. We work hard in order to see our goals through. Yet life gets tough sometimes and it becomes easy to get beaten up and discouraged from pushing forward towards our ideal life. In this episode, learn to separate yourself from […] more

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Grow Beyond Your Mind with Lisa Lentino

There is a better way to go through life. A way where you know your purpose, feel fulfilled and have much joy in your life. It takes however looking at your circumstances from a different perspective. Join my special guest Lisa Lentino and me as we talk about how to expand your mind, how to think bigger and better and thus be able to create the life you want to have.

# 86 PMM – CEO Of The Coaching Connector Lisa Lentino

Lisa Lentino is the go-to mindset expert – guiding us through the maze of our mind and changing the programming in our mind that is holding us back. She talks about “how to grow beyond your mind”.

Lisa is the CEO of the new platform “The Coaching Connector” where everyone can find a perfect coach and coaches can get new clients and reach a larger audience worldwide.

Meet Lisa Lentino of Grow Beyond Your Mind and The Coaching Connector in Sudbury

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lisa Lentino.

Lisa, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My passion is self-actualization. I’m driven to help as many people as possible live their ideal lives – the lives they were innately designed to live rather than one they were programmed to live. Currently, I pursue this mission through three different avenues, each with a larger scope of impact: my private practice as a clinical psychologist, my company Grow Beyond Your Mind and The Coaching Connector, Inc.

The Most Important Relationship Skill & How to Develop It

In both our personal or professional lives, the quality of the relationships we have with others often plays a significant role in the happiness we experience. There are countless books written on how to improve our relationships and sometimes it’s difficult when so much information is thrown at us to make heads and tales of it, or to effectively incorporate it into our lives.