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Lucas Miller is the founder and CEO of Echelon Copy LLC, a media relations agency based in Provo, Utah that helps brands improve visibility, enhance reputation and generate leads through authentic storytelling.

As Seen, Heard, & Read On...

The definition of media relations overlaps public relations in a sense that are both content marketing, content creation and earning coverage for companies to tell people who they are and what they do. These three aspects, visibility, reputation and lead generation are all important work for a podcaster. Lucas Miller, Founder and CEO of Echelon Copy LLC, learned that audiences appreciate brands that are authentic. Next, visibility follows because you are there when people need you to be there. Lucas shares that having a social proof to back you up, and tell clients that people think you are important, is huge if you are looking to gain influence.

3 Ways Even the Most Boring Brands (Perhaps Yours) Land Press

We’ve all read those articles talking about sexy new startups doing exciting things that are going to change the world. But in reality, most brands aren’t developing new 3D printing technology or introducing game-changing software. Let’s face it. A lot of brands are,…

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