Evolvement is a podcast dedicated to the discussions around Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the future of the world’s financial systems.

Our host, Nye, brings on some of the brightest minds in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to discuss an array of topics such as the future of adoption, security tokens, regulation, and much more.

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A Sample of Michael's Best Episodes...

The Downfall of Our Economic System and the Rise of Bitcoin with Max Keiser

In this episode, I sat down with Max Keiser, a very special guest, to discuss how our financial systems works and why our economy is in trouble. We chat about how Bitcoin will play a role in the next financial crisis as well as what the future of other cryptocurrencies looks like.

Security Tokens Series Part 1: Why Do Security Tokens Matter? With Alon Goren

Welcome to the Security Token Series Hosted by the Evolvement Podcast. In this series, I hope to bring you the best quality guests and information around the newly emerging security token industry. The goal is to educate the audience on why security tokens are important to the ecosystem and how they will play a role within crypto.

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As Seen, Heard, and Read On...

Shill Nye the Crypto Guy & Founder of EDistrictMedia

The World Explore and guy who’s Crypto Full Time – I sit down with Nye.

Episode 9 – Shill Nye

Crypto’s most motivational influencer Shill Nye joins the REKT crew for an awesome episode. We talk Vegas, the importance of self awareness, news, projects and much more. We already know what you’re thinking… YES he wore the mask while recording.

Interview: Nye The Crypto Guy (Shill)

Crypto Twitter is filled with amusing and interesting characters, and Nye is definitely one of the most successful ones. He started out as Crypto Shill Nye (just like his Twitter dash), and has been really consistent in terms of commenting on the latest events in the cryptocurrency space. Regardless if his posts concern the evolution of the market or the ongoing drama regarding certain projects, there’s always something interesting and insightful to read in Nye’s constant activity.

Interview with Shill Nye

Today we have a very special interview with one of the most recognisable influencers in the business, which is strange, for noone has ever laid eyes on his face. Shill Nye, the masked community member, has graced us with an insight of who the man behind the mask really is.