For me, it’s two ingredients that I bring to the table:
Experience and Creativity.

My experience dates back to 1978 when I started working as an Electrical Engineer at Digital Equipment Corp in Maynard, MA. I migrated to application engineering for Mostek (a semiconductor company) and then to selling chips to large and small companies alike.

In 1985, I entered the software business as the founder of Timeslips Corp (sold to Sage Plc) after creating the largest network of Certified Consultants in the software industry, helping Intuit Corp create their own Certified Quickbooks Accountant Network as well. After selling my company, I then ran Sage Plc in the US as the COO, with over 300 staff. Moving back to Boston, I then found myself involved in the VC community, first as an advisor to startups and then as the CEO of the largest furniture shopping site early in 2000;

As a CEO Advisor, sometimes to several companies at the same time, I participated in many different business types, solving many diverse types of problems in sales organizations, marketing, technology, systems and H/R related issues. I later became interested in options trading and mentored with a floor trader at The Chicago Board of Options Exchange. Then, in 2007, responding to my friend Chet Holmes request to help solve a problem, I became involved with his business.

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1296: If you want to SCALE, then Mitch Russo is your guy!

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It’s not all that often that you find a CEO whose story you can chronicle all the way from the gritty reality of a rehabilitation center to multimillion-dollar riches. But then again, Mitch Russo isn’t just any CEO. Born and raised in a small community called Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, Russo likens his childhood to being born into a family of entrepreneurs. “I started out selling candy on the streets of New York with my dad…