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Stefanie LaHart is the President of Boomtown Marketing. She is a consumer marketing expert that focuses on strategy, promotions, and campaign management. She has helped hundreds of businesses launch their online presence and create digital conversations that convert to real-world customers. She is the co-host of The TraDigital Talk Podcast, the show that explores the crossroads between traditional PR and new media digital marketing to help businesses and entrepreneurs make the most of their marketing budget. She is a speaker on national stages and most recently was heard at Fincon19 and Podfest Multimedia 18.

A Sample of Stefanie's Best Episodes...

Save it for the show: Get Into Your Vortex For 2019

Sharon and Stefanie talk about the law of attraction. This crazy year-end wrap-up episode touches a little on marketing and a lot on how to get into the vortex for 2019! Stefanie explains the law of attraction to Sharon. And Sharon wishes for puppies.

How To Use Content Marketing to Boost Your Business

Content marketing provides the perfect space for you to give your customer extra value- here is how to do it right In this episode, we discuss how to use content marketing as a way to provide real value to your customer while helping them to make a product or service decision. Content marketing has been around for a long time and when done correctly your customer will be receptive to your message instead of tuning it out as noise.

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We cannot deny the fact that the world is becoming even more social, all thanks to the internet. From the way we go with our personal lives and even with our businesses, we find ourselves slowly adapting to this new normal. Exploring what we have come to know as social media is Stefanie LaHart from BoomTown Marketing.

Stefanie LaHart Explores the Importance of Social Media Marketing

Stefanie LaHart is the President and Founder of Boomtown Marketing, a social media marketing agency that creates the conversations that turn into real world customers for her clients. She has helped hundreds of B2C and B2B businesses launch their products and build their brands using social media advertising campaigns. She has worked with the likes of luxury magazine, The Robb Report, Nickelodeon Kids Awards and Disney Multimedia to bring their messaging to digital audiences.

She recently launched the TraDigital Podcast with her best friend, Sharon Noot. The show explores the crossroads between traditional PR and new media digital marketing. With a friendship spanning over 20 years, they have a lot to talk about but they keep it to marketing matters (and random hockey fight references) for the most part!