PPM 27 | International Podcast Day


In celebration of International Podcast Day, Scott Carson of The Note Closers Show joins us as we look back on the long day we spent with podcasters across different niches, sharing their stories and letting us in on the latest and greatest. Hosting a virtual summit has never been more valuable with people sharing their strengths while giving great tips and advice to those who aspire to start their own someday. We also give a peek into the upcoming masterminds for the podcasting community that will help people learn from each other. Both reassuring and informative, we find how coming from a place of passion and consistency could absolutely bring your podcast, as well as yourself, to places.

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Learning From The Podcast Community with Scott Carson

Scott has been doing his own event for International Podcast Day where he brought a lot of different icons in the podcasting space. I’m excited to hear about how your day was.

It’s been good. We did it for eleven hours. We started at 9:00 AM and wrapped up about 8:30 PM. It was a group of 34 of us that went to an event with icons and influencer for about twenty minutes each throughout the day. About 400 people registered to watch us and the last minute I check, it’s about 1,500 views so far. I solo emceed here with just two bathroom breaks in between.

I did most of it. Tracy took over for an hour of the day for me so I got a break and some food.

You have done a tremendous job as well because I’ve been spending some time looking at your feed and flipping over on social media when I could in between questions and stuff like that. You have done a tremendous job. Kudos to you out there. You do a tremendous job with Podetize, Feed Your Brand and with our podcast, the Note Closers Show. We would not be anywhere near where we’re at if we did not have you helping produce and taking names. Thanks for helping us podcasters that are in the Podetize family.

Thank you so much, Scott. That’s very nice of you to say. I’m a little tired, but I had so much fun doing this. Connecting all these people, hearing what the latest and greatest is, what it means to each of them was something different. The benefits they get was something different, but what’s universal is it’s a great value to all of them in a very measurable and meaningful way.

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When you host a virtual summit like this of any sort, no matter what day it is, whether it’s Podcast Day or National Social Media Day or a workshop or anything that you do online, when you do something like this, it’s just getting everybody organized. You filled up immediately and very quickly. We filled up very quickly on our side here. We talked about doing something jointly and it turned out, “Let’s divide and conquer and have two different things rock and rolling.”

It would have been another level of complexity to try to coordinate and join two different summits together.

If you’re going to co-host, you’ve got to be in the same room for a co-host event because you’ll have a few technical glitches along the way. You need somebody there that is like, “Tap out. Mute me. I’ve got to run to the bathroom.”

You have a secret weapon like we do. We have Alexandra as our secret weapon and she’s like, “I’m out.” I don’t blame her because she worked so hard all week long. You got Stephanie.

Steph has been at the house. I’ve been here in the office by myself. Steph has done a great job. We all could not have accomplished it without our staff and our extended family. Alex is phenomenal. Steph keeps me out of trouble. Shannon and everybody else in my office that helps us as if we do a whole lot more.

PPM 27 | International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day: Everyone needs a millennial in their business.


They all make us look good. We would never get our act together to make sure that everybody had the links right and all the things that they needed and the follow-up emails. Alexandra figures all that out for us. You need a Millennial in your business. When I can’t figure out what to do, I’m like, “How do I do this?” She’s like, “Let me google it for your mom.”

One of the strongest things is getting the chance to talk more with other podcasters. What’s their strength? What tips they give? Mitch was on ours as well. We’re on something. He’s also on yours as well. We’re both bragging about you a little bit. Everybody resounding has come from a place of passion. They talk about consistency and doing it on a regular basis and how friendly the podcasting community is about working with each other and sharing best tips and tricks.

I want to do this and offer it to the people we work with to help give them more exposure for their show. That was my primary purpose in this and also to have them share some experiences and some words of wisdom that are going to help others. There’s a genuine desire to continue to do that. With some of them, I could feel that they have a desire to continue to learn more, be pushed and how can they have this work more for their business. It’s a journey for people. That fits right into something that we’ve been working on with you. Maybe this is a good time to bring that into the conversation.

It’s a great time to bring that to the conversation. The word gets out about the things that we were excited to be working on and the projects that lead to the fourth quarter.

I did more of the high tech thing because I got this mixing board over there and we were listening to Stefanie LaHart. We’re talking about her podcast and she had a question about her intro. I was able to turn a knob and play it on my computer and play it to everyone so they could all hear it. We haven’t discussed it. That was awesome. Yours is much easier. Low tech and very effective.

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I do have the F-box if we need that as well.

We, together with Podetize and Scott Carson of the Note Closers Show, are launching a podcast mastermind. I was negative about masterminds. This is not going to be your typical mastermind because I will not have it. We will not have it.

Just so that everybody is aware, we have been talking about this for some time now though. We’ve been talking about the Podcast Movement. We talked about it and then we put it on the burner a little bit to talk about. I’ve run a note mastermind for my note education platform for a while. I’ve been a part of others. I paid some big money to walk away like, “It doesn’t fit me.” You and I both saw a need out there to go not only nuts and bolts technical stuff, but also nuts and bolts marketing-wise and stuff out there. There are some podcasts mastermind out there already for other people that are more focused on what specific people are doing. I’ve done a lot of research for people that are doing a mastermind that focuses on the main person. Everybody is with a mastermind it seems in these days.

We naturally coach here already. It’s a part of what you paid for. It’s part of what you get with our services. Why should you pay more to mastermind with us about it? We’re going to do it anyway. Besides, I want to grow too. I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room.

Between the three of us and Steph, we decided to come up with something that’s focused and affordable for a lot of people. It’s a weekly thing that comes in. You experience some technical capabilities and in our marketing expert as well and social media prowess and be able to do what we do as well across the board. We thought it was a great opportunity. Also, being able not to have one of us to be solely responsible for content every week, that’s the biggest thing because we both have very busy schedules. You were talking about everything. Steph and I were talking that we don’t want to add four, six or twelve more things to our schedule, which we don’t have time for. We’ve come up with the idea for a mastermind. It provides content every week to people in our conference call with some topic that they’re going to be listening to. We’re toying with a number of times that we would meet in person throughout the year.

PPM 27 | International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day: The true value of a mastermind is bringing it group-focused and learning from each other.


I had a few people who are our people we work with say that they want more. One of them said to me, “I can’t wait to see you in person at some time,” because we’ve never met. He’s in Santa Cruz, California and we’re here. We haven’t gotten up to Santa Cruz. He would travel and go to a mastermind to meet and engage with us at another level. The podcast is what’s going to connect all of us, but the mastermind does not begin and end at the podcast. It’s going to go into marketing and even business development. I’m into helping people grow what they’re doing regardless of what the subject is. There are a lot of ways we can help people in business. Just thinking about people like John Livesay who’ve managed to get and do more speeches. People ask me that all the time. I have a speech coming up in Hong Kong and they’re like, “How did you do that?” These are things that you want to share with people about how you go about this and how you are able to do that. That grows everybody’s businesses in whatever way they’re looking for.

A lot of podcasters get into this as a hobby. It’s an extra fun thing and they don’t think about the end in mind. They’re adding sponsors or looking for vendors or other things to start paying it monthly. There’s a business evolving that goes with this. It costs us about an extra employee a month to put everything together. If you want to be serious about it, I respect you. This is the business of podcasting. Having to add that and vendors and who do you bring on. Podcasters all need to talk.

They all do and they don’t even know it. Part of it is you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s a scary thing. If you’re in business and you don’t know Aaron Young and Laughlin Associates, that’s a problem. You need to know why that is important. We have some people in Florida who we know and we’re doing some work with. They’re forming a new company and it’s like, “Have you formed it yet?” We’re like, “You need to call Aaron.” It’s not something that you would every day come across until you start talking in a group and you start realizing, “There are three steps in front of me. Let me model that. Let me understand that.” I’m looking forward to this. To get to hang out with you and Steph is fun. I’m all in if we’re doing lives.

I always thought the note industry was friendly because we’re the nichey aspect of things. The relationships we have made with fellow podcasters and guys and gals like you, Chris from Podfest and a bunch of other great people out there. Stefanie LaHart as well from BoomTown media. You’ve made good friends with Kristie and Elijah Whites who I introduced you to, stuff like that. There’s a lot of things out there. Even though I’ve only been podcasting for a few months now, there are so many simple things that people forget about or don’t know about. You don’t know what you don’t know. The true value of mastermind is bringing it group-focused and internal-focused, not the guy at the front of the room or not that the guru aspect of it. We’re not trying to be the gurus on this. We’ll be the first ones to admit, “We can all learn a lot from each other.” A lot of people are looking for somebody to step up and lead to bring everybody together.

The mastermind is called Podcast Peeps. That sets the tone right there. We’re not overly stuffy. It’s not going to be that way. It is serious and there is going to be a cost for it. It is not going to be a free mastermind. There’s going to be a cost to participate. It’s not going to be in the stratosphere, but there’s going to be a cost.

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It’s affordable for every type of budget. That’s the aspect of it and there are two things. If you just want to be involved in the group and the weekly webinars and don’t want to come to an in-person event, that’s fine. If you want to take it and come once a year or twice a year or four times, there’s a cost. There is a ticket price associated to help cover costs for putting everything together. We’ve talked about some preliminary events that are going on majorly in the industry. We’re trying to wrap those up with some meetings around Traffic & Conversion, Social Media Marketing World, Podfest, Podcast Movement. We’re trying to space it around to make it easy and affordable for everybody to make it. It’s not going to be a huge event that they got to travel twice or three times as well too.

We want to try to coordinate and make it. You’re there anyway. It wouldn’t be all that much more of a burden to get there. Once people start to experience it, they’re going to be wanting to come to this event. The spirit of which we all feel strongly about this to be cooperative and coopetition. We’re all competing for listeners and some of us in the same space, but it is not. I consider it collaborative. When we do that together, we move the whole industry. When the whole industry moves, our values all go up. It’s like in your real estate market. You want all the real estate to go up in value over time. We want the same thing with podcasts.

You have a very big servant leadership mindset.

I know that because I worked for the original guy who coined the phrase servant leadership, Max DePree of Herman Miller. He wrote the book on servant leadership. It’s been ingrained in me from my first day of work. That’s in my nature to want to help people. It’s in my DNA.

PPM 27 | International Podcast Day

Leadership Is an Art

That’s the beauty of what we all do here with the podcast. We help each other to succeed. If we’re on one person’s show, it’s reciprocal a lot of times. It’s like, “You need to guest me. I’m glad to make an introduction.” It’s vice versa to knock things out of the park for everybody out there.

I want to highlight a few things that Scott does that’s unusual from everybody else who podcast. You’ve done some cool things. You’ve done full recordings of your boot camp and spun it off into its own show. You’ve done these live events. This isn’t the first one you’ve done. The National Social Media Day was the model for what we did. You did that.

We did it for 27 hours East Coast time to midnight Pacific Time. Kristie and Elijah Whites were a big part of that. Kristie and Elijah are from Serving Social. They did National Podcast Day before for Austin and got the mayor to approve it. I was their biggest sponsor there, for eight hours straight. We decided that we needed to do something bigger. Everything is bigger in Texas. You were great guests on there as well. I still have the video from that. I’ll be working on getting the videos from that and upload it because I’ve got the original copies here. We’re always been big advocates of doing virtual events. We’ve cut our teeth on that for many years.

You were a champion to model in that. When it comes to how we’re going to operate this, even for me in testing out tech standpoint, Scott is my man. We did a little dry run. We got some of the tech details.

It turned out to be easier than you thought.

It wasn’t that bad. I stop the live and rebooted my Zoom and did that a few times. Everybody came right back on. It was easy. It’s not that difficult, but not having done it before, it’s like anything. Before you drive a car, you don’t know what you’re doing and you’ve got to learn it. This wasn’t that complicated by any means. It was interesting because I had two people that didn’t show up, but then I had two people texting me the last minute who wanted to participate and weren’t able to sign up. They thought they weren’t going to be around. I was able to weave them in to fill those spots and it worked out great. I would have liked to have the people that are not able to participate. That would have been great. We had a great lineup and we went nonstop. There was maybe fifteen minutes twice that I had to fill the air and I made it some public service announcements about, “Here’s what’s new and happening in podcasting. Here are some things you might not know,” and that worked out.

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I had one guest who is completely late. Luckily, the second person was there and jumped and got little bit longer session. I’m going to go back to the person that was late and we’ll refilm his session separately because you can do that now with the virtual events. When you upload it as a podcast or a video, it looks like he was a part of the whole thing to begin with.

You’re doing some amazing things in your business. I’d love for you to share with our audience some of it and how the podcast fits into the model of what you do because you fill your boot camp, Scott. They’re filled.

A lot of people want to do events. Whether they start off with a book or they start off with a podcast, they want to try to get to where it’s their teaching or speaking more. The boot camp is a natural way to monetize your time. I’ve been teaching workshops since 2010. I’m very fortunate to be around some great individuals that mentor me early on for the past decade like Roland Frasier at DigitalMarketer. I got a chance to mentor with him for a couple of years. We’ve been doing webinars since April 2011. It has thousands of YouTube videos. We decided to do it when we started doing virtual events. I speak from the stage. I tell people when I’m out speaking, “We do an online event. It’s virtual. It’s me speaking. We use Zoom because it’s interactive.” It has lots of great information. It’s recorded and it saves them money in a budget mindset economy these days. It may not seem like a mantra. It still starts to charge $600 to be a part of it, but it still saves them the airfare, saves them the hotel bill and eating crappy food.

They can hang out with their spouses and their kids if they need to. It’s recorded too so if they’ve got to step away for an emergency or can’t be there all three days because they’ve got to work, the recordings are available almost immediately afterwards. We’ve utilized what Zoom offers for us to do that. It helped us going from averaging less than 100 people in a room to 200 and 300 people. Our online convention draws usually somewhere between 700 to 1,000 people for three and a half days. We use two Zoom rooms. If people don’t want to hear me speaking and they want to hear the other person, they can flip over fast. You have people that are joining from all across the country, the speakers in our case, they can be at another event speaking.

They can run up to their hotel room to jump on and speak at our event. Often, the sales are better on my events than they are at the live events. It’s more affordable right off the bat. It reduces $6,000 to $20,000 overhead costs with the hotel bills and PSAV cost and printing and $84 a gallon plus three kinds of service charge for Starbucks coffee. It allows for people there to build a relationship and get to know you and not only myself. I teach and I say, “I’m the person you hear on TV or the person you hear on stage.” I am like that and we save the in-person events for our coaching. Our one-on-one coaching for that to be going and personal stuff that we do anymore.

PPM 27 | International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day: If you make those around you successful, you will naturally rise to the top as well.


That’s an in-person event that I look forward to. While there is a lot of value we can offer in the weekly webinars, there is another in-depth level and relationship building and getting to understand what people are trying to achieve. You can’t always get that level of depth and understanding and helping each other in a virtual sense. It’s breaking more bread together even if it’s that simple.

If you make those around you successfully, you will naturally rise to the top as well.

You had a decent sized list before you started with podcasting. Has your attrition rates slowed? Has it helped cultivate the list and make it better? What has it done for that?

I’ve always had a pretty good list of six figures list size. It’s helped me more so with podcasting. It narrowed down, you niched down your list a little bit. I’m already in a very nichey subject of distressed note investing. We’re the only true podcast out there that focus solely on that. It helps us communicate more. We’re on the pulse in a whole lot better because of the podcasts that we do almost every day. We’re doing a podcast episode through Facebook live, via Zoom or BeLive.tv. Being able to communicate with our tribe, be in their minds every day. The fact that we shared with them the video on YouTube and stuff like that, that all help grow our audience. We have people that opt-in or had been watching it for months or have been bingeing on the Note Closers Show. Hearing success stories is what we all want. Students taking down more deals or raising more capital or they did what I told them I do. People on a marketing play and being successful at the door. We share so many things.

It’s not just solely focused on notes. It’s also the interviews that we do with experts. It brings the note community together. I’ve had two people that teach similar things, but they were a lot more experienced in the industry. They come to me and reached out with an olive branch to try to do something which has been mind-blowing. One came to me and said, “You do a great job marketing. Would you mind marketing a chunk of my business?” I turned it down. I was like, “No, I’m good. I appreciate it,” but that says a lot though of them to say, “We’re not rivals.” Through our podcast, we’re bringing the note community together. Podcasting unites more people. It helps you find your audience and it niches out. We all have different interests and different spokes in our wheel that we do on a regular basis. We all have different interests in common. If you can do that and share it and go from there, you’ll be going to be going well.

We’ll wrap up and close down Podetize’s International Podcast Day. Thank you so much. We truly appreciate it and we appreciate you.

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PPM 27 | International Podcast DayScott has been in the mortgage, finance, and banking industry since 2001 and an active real estate investor since 2002. He has been actively buying notes on residential and commercial properties since 2005.




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