If you find yourself dropping into The Conscious PIVOT Podcast, don’t be surprised if you leave with Adam Markel’s riveting pivot talk stuck in your brain. Known as a best-selling author, renowned international speaker, business mentor, CEO, entrepreneur, and leader, Markel has found yet another medium, through podcasting, to unleash his powerful thought process out into the world.

What’s the Big Idea?

Development content is everywhere, so what makes The Conscious PIVOT Podcast so special? Markel was most recently CEO of North America’s largest human potential company and now leads More Love Media, a team dedicated to helping people and businesses reinvent themselves. Since 2008, he has trained and led programs for more than 100,000 people around the globe, in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, finances, leadership, transformation, and relationships. We all know that experience is worth more than gold in your field of expertise. There is nothing you can buy that equates to experience and the wisdom gained with each experience. But for Markel, it’s even more than that. His development journey came authentically, through suffering, learning, dusting himself off, getting back up, and repeating… and this authenticity is what listeners keep coming back for.

Capitalize on Change to Maximize Your Impact

Markel is all about combining practical business tactics with accelerated learning strategies to embrace change, which in turn encourages innovation, resulting in lasting growth cycles and change that isn’t terrifying or destructive. Markel identifies this type of change as pivoting or reinvention and has firsthand witnessed the possibilities when individuals shift their focus and change their lives. “We’re all in a state of transition and the irony of this is that, even though change is constant and natural, it scares the crap out of most everybody, and fear prevents us from seeing the possibilities.”

Addicted to Certainty

“Fear and other emotions commonly arise around change. We are addicted to certainty. The unknown is potentially dangerous, at least to our amygdala, which is routinely reminding us that the things we can’t see might kill us.” Markel’s podcast reframes the conversation around change, and instills values of approaching change with peace, and ultimately, the growth that is possible when pivots are welcome.

Pivoting Through Podcasting

Markel often finds himself enacting the very same principles and actionable advice he shares with his listeners. When he decided that he wanted to reach more people, he put his focus on a new medium, and Podetize became his podcast home. “Podcasting, while not young, is the future. For the average person or entrepreneur, there’s no better vehicle these days than a podcast. If you don’t have a television show with a million viewers, and you’re looking to build up that platform, there’s nothing better. On top of that, because of the Podetize system, I’ve booked speaking gigs, more people are finding me, and my SEO and Google rankings are way up; it’s really a beautiful system.”

3 Truths About Podcasting You Need to Know

* Truth #1: It’s never too late. Do not let fear of being passed over or having missed the proverbial bus deter you from putting yourself out there. The timing is right, right now, and it’s never too late to step into your voice.

* Truth #2: You must challenge your perfectionism. Don’t let your ideas about how things should look or be jam up your potential. Set that noise aside, be true to yourself, and if the worst thing that happens is that something didn’t turn out, you’d still be doing pretty good.

* Truth #3: You have to dare to suck. To the point above, it doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect to start (or ever). Sure, acknowledge the fear, but don’t let that be what defines you. Not livingin that fear, is a really important element to pivoting with peace in your heart.

“If you have something to say, stand up, whether it’s in front of a crowd or a microphone, on television or through radio, or whether it’s with a podcast. You cannot allow yourself to be hung up on the self-doubt of other people’s perception, whether or not you’ll say the right thing, or if it will be perfect. All of that jams up your creativity flow.” Start somewhere and grow with it. With that, we’ll close on the question Markel asks his listeners at the end of each episode:

“What if you decided to love your life?”