Sometimes one just isn’t enough.
Maybe you have multiple aims, missions or goals that you’re trying to accomplish – and hey! We aren’t here to stop you! In fact, we think it’s a great thing. That’s why decided to reach out and talk with Joel Erway, the founder of Sold With Webinars and Experts Unleashed, to see what tips tricks and knowledge he could offer when it comes to running a dual business (and in this case, a dual podcast as well).
Joel wasn’t always a business owner. Actually, his background is in sales. For five years Joel sold heating and cooling equipment utilizing live sales presentations from manufacturers, to their distributors, an experience he describes as something akin to “a horse and pony show”. Working on a commission-based salary, he realized that is something didn’t change, and quick, pretty soon he would find himself in serious financial trouble.
So Joel took action.

Researching current literature on sales pitches, business proposals and presentation ‘must haves’, he began delivering the presentations himself. “After that, our sales skyrocketed.” Joel recalls.
Attracted to Joel’s natural charisma, things were definitely on the up and up. The commission checks were rolling in, both the bosses and clients were happy… and then Joel did the unthinkable. He quit.
“I decided to start my own business. At that time, I had nothing built up yet, and I just quit my job.” He was quick to follow up with, “I don’t recommend that for anybody.”
And so came the nerve racking part. Unemployed and not entirely certain what the next path forward would be, Joel (and his wife) were understandably concerned. Confident in his sales skills, Joel decided to hire a marketing coach to teach him how to build up a brand, gain awareness, and capitalize on the momentum he had previously built. Everything was going great…until he ran out of money.

Desperate for an opportunity, Joel approached the very same marketing coach with the prospect of doing some work for him, maybe in phone sales – an avenue he’d never pursued before. While his coach wasn’t able to offer him a job directly, a mutual friend just so happened to be in need of a talented phone salesman. Joel was at least partially qualified, right? How hard could selling on over the phone be?
Apparently for Joel, not that hard at all.
After helping redesign his new boss’ marketing strategy by adding webinars to the equation, Joel was able to take the company revenue from $1,000 a week to $14,000 a week in less than fifteen days. After that, Joel and webinars became inseparable; they were his bread and butter.
Today, Joel is the host of two dramatically different podcast shows, Sold With Webinars and Experts Unleashed. One caters to a highly selective niche market about how to monetize and improve webinars, the other is a broad-spectrum investigation into some of the world’s most successful experts and influencers, along with accounts of their personal journeys.
The fact that Joel has been very successful in his endeavors only adds to the irony, as he told us, “I’m actually not a big podcast listener, so it’s definitely a little odd that this is where I’ve ended up.” Just how did that transition occur? In exchange for marketing and webinar services, a friend offered to help set up and provide the equipment for Joel to do a podcast – go figure!
Figuring that he had nothing to lose, Joel decided to test the waters. Unsurprisingly, he began to amass a lot of positive feedback (where can we get some of this good luck?!). In this instance we’re referring specifically to his Sold With Webinars podcast. As the momentum kept steadily increasing Joel told us that, “It started generating more and more leads, and is actually now my number one producer of quality prospects. I’ve made well over six figures from this podcast.”
Now that’s a happy ending!
What’s interesting to note, however, is that his other podcast, Experts Unleashed comparatively did not do as well. When asked about how he might explain the difference between the performance of the two shows, Joel thought about it for a moment before telling us:
“It’s all about the angle you take with your podcast.”
Where Experts Unleashed, catered to a much broader and more generalized audience, Sold With Webinars was undeniably a niche market. Joel believes that by targeting a very select group of people and offering advice and professional tips from his own experience, he was able to provide value-added content in a very short amount of time.
Perhaps another interesting difference between the two podcasts, is the format itself. Experts Unleashed, is what could be defined as more of a traditional podcast: Joel shares the stage with successful guests who impart their experience and insight over the course of a brief interview. Nothing too unusual there. However, for Sold With Webinars, Joel rarely has guests on his show. In fact, most of the time it’s a solo mission. This is something that not a lot of podcasters would think to do, especially not right up front.
So, what’s Joel’s angle?
“Position yourself as an expert. If you’re going to generate more leads, I would say do more solo episodes than interviews. Continue to build yourself up as the expert authority. The episodes don’t even have to be long, mine are usually ten minutes.”
He brings up an interesting point. While bringing interesting and captivating guests on to the show can definitely help increase audience size and retain interest, it also inadvertently takes a great deal of the attention off of you. Now in some situations, that’s totally fine, nothing to worry about. However, if you’re trying to sell a service, or generate brand awareness about what you value you can provide to your potential clients, consider whether it would be more beneficial for you take the mic on your own.
If you’re worried about saying the wrong things, or people losing interest, just try another one of Joel’s simple and effective strategies: poll your audience.
“I regularly ask my audience what they think about new content, what else they would like to hear me speak on, and what they found beneficial so far.”
So that’s it! Whether you’re going solo or teaming up, get out there and start podcasting!