Life coach, author of the groundbreaking book Expectation Therapy, and mindset expert, Art Costello, has an incredible story. When you listen to episodes of Shower Epiphanies, also the name of Costello’s podcast, you would never expect that he was abandoned at age nine and survived on his own accord for much of his life. 

What Is Shower Epiphanies?

According to Costello, when we learn to master our expectations, not try to override or get rid of them, your life can blossom into whatever you imagine it to be. “There are millions of excuses for not doing something. There are also a million rewards for those who take action. Fear can hold you back, make you doubt yourself, and stop you from even trying to improve your life. But I want people to know that you can succeed! The expectations you choose should stretch beyond your present limits and Expectation Therapy teaches you how to aim high, but also be realistic.”

Through his podcast, Costello is able to explore important questions that guests need to answer or ask themselves, like: 

  • What ignites your passion? 
  • What’s holding you back? 
  • What natural talents and abilities do you hope to develop? 
  • What do you want your legacy to be?

Costello says these may seem like ordinary questions, but most people haven’t ever taken the time to know, for themselves, what their expectations are, what they really want out of life, and how they could get there. “Life is always giving you feedback on your actions and Expectation Therapy teaches you how to adjust your goals for the best outcome.”

Growth Journey

For Costello, this podcast is about two very important things. One, serving others, and two, continuing his own growth journey. “I chose a podcast because I was offered a radio show, but there was no flexibility. With my show, it’s on my terms, when I want to record, on my schedule, and to me, that is very functional for business.” Shower Epiphanies is all about revolutionizing your life, from top to bottom by altering your mindset, and even Costello’s choice of digital media shows how he makes conscious choices, living his messages, to live life on his own terms. 

What Happens Next?

Through different episodes of Shower Epiphanies, we’ve learned the benefits Costello offers to listeners through this revamped mindset. When you have an improved understanding of your expectations and their impact on everyday life, you can expect:

  • increased creativity and productivity
  • boosted confidence
  • improved human interaction
  • the ability to steer the course of your future

That’s a pretty tall order, even for someone as tuned-in as Costello, but he says he is candid about his own experiences, and just speaks from the heart. “It’s personal, it’s emotional, it’s real life, and I love it because this is the truest form of communication we have, speaking from the heart. Intellectual conversations are great, and I know a lot of successful podcasts are doing that, but we do a lot of talk from the heart too. And speaking of podcasts, Podetize has been amazing for us. The technical end of it, where everything is loaded and taken care of, that has really allowed us to focus our expectations on what we want to bring to our listeners.”

Podcasting with Purpose

“Humans have a habit of making life more complicated than it has to be. We let circumstances and other people’s expectations define us, living out lives according to someone else.” Costello uses his platform and reach, through his podcast, to create a space of integrity. Somewhere, where listeners can show up and hear real guests talks about real life. Costello pointed out that guests come on the show to share their expertise, and regularly also feel compelled to share their own stories too, not the stories they’re telling everyone else or what’s in their bio. 

This show creates conversations from nothing, and those conversations are meaningful, real, candid, and life changing. That’s the power of podcasting.