Flying under the radar for almost 30 years, Dan Kuschell has been partnering with industry experts and thought leaders to help them stop struggling and start profiting. Teaching this major shift over a few decades inspired Kuchell’s most recent venture; The Growth to Freedom podcast. Kuschell says his show teaches listeners to transform their lives, businesses, and relationships. “In each show, I interview industry leaders and experts in a variety of fields (business, finance, investing, health, medicine, technology, sports, etc.) to get you the strategies and resources you can use.”

The show is a fresh mix of strategy, resources, entertainment, and a survival guide to create the personal and business breakthroughs listeners are wanting for the clarity, confidence, and direction they need to experience freedom in their business or leadership. 

Growing Leads

In business, Kuschell learned the strategies that really worked in generating leads. Profit is the single-most important element of any business, and putting focus on this helps bring his listeners to the outcome they are looking for: profit. Because money equals freedom, good systems and strategies that can duplicated equals freedom, and less stress around these things also equals freedom. 

Shared Wisdom and Consistent Learning

Kuschell, who actually started in radio, has leaned heavily into podcasting because of the impact, another element of business growth he teaches to long-term leaders and listeners. “Our radio show, 700+ interviews later, really became this learning platform, a place for growth and shared wisdom, and I’ve never been able to duplicate that anywhere else until I started podcasting.” These real time, raw, oftentimes unscripted, and insightful conversations are part of the allure of podcasting because it is difficult to find this level of consistent value anywhere else. 

The Power of a Network

“I actually came to Podetize on a personal referral. I wasn’t even really looking for a service at the time, but that’s the power of a good, well-connected network that you trust, which is something else podcasting is good for. When we started looking at what Podetize could offer us, there were a few unique offerings we were definitely interested in trying out, so we made the switch, and we’ve really fallen into a nice rhythm and now we have an advanced queue. It’s good to feel like everything is working, and we are ahead.”

3-Part Plan

Kuschell keeps his show, businesses, and even his personal life in perspective with a 3-part plan. By regularly auditing what he’s currently doing, what he wants to be doing, and how that feeds into what he believes is important (hint: see below), Kuschell can remain purpose-driven. 

  • Part 1: Growth
  • Part 2: Pursuit of Freedom
  • Part 3: Legacy

Purpose-driven seems to be a term that is overused and underacted. But for Kuschell, he understands that this is where business often falls apart for his listeners so he uses this as a conversation point. “The idea is to really discern ‘why’. Why are you making your decisions? Are you in need of growing, whether it’s leads or profit or network? Are you in the pursuit of freedom? Are you, like me, building a legacy for your children or family?” This mentality adds stability and balance, and freedom to choose better, which ultimately leads to more effective growth and bigger impact. 

Success Multiplied

Some of what Kuschell wants to bring to listeners is that these lessons he is teaching is duplicable and applicable no matter where you are in your business or what business marketplace you are serving. By applying what he’s learned in his almost 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, starting more than 11 companies, and helping over 5,000 business owners and entrepreneurs, to podcasting, he is proving his methods in a new arena. 

Living On Your Own Terms

A lot of entrepreneurs go into business for the freedom and growth that Kuschell talks about, but they get lost or off track or overwhelmed along the way. In 2007, Kuschell had a serious health scare that truly transformed the way he approached business. Since then, he has dedicated his time, teachings, and his energy to living on his own terms and showing others how to do the same. “Originally, I made this shift of living on my own terms, to create a higher quality of life with my own family, but realized there could be many entrepreneurs who would benefit from his new breakthrough process.”

Some of Kuschell’s clients and partners include some of today’s top business experts like Dean Graziosi, Joe Polish of Genius Network, Daniel Marcos and Verne Harnish of Growth Institute, Mike Agugliaro and Rob Zadoti of CEO Warrior… which leads us to ask one last, very important question: if these industry experts and leaders knew they could benefit from Kuschell’s growth to freedom breakthrough process, what’s stopping you from listening?