PPM 08 | Self-Care


When we think about the concept of self-care, we sometimes miss the aspects of being able to look beyond ourselves as well as on how our actions are reflected outside of us. We forget that within the process of taking care of ourselves, we’re also taking care of others. Sharing about the two sides of self-care is the host of Self-Care for the Soul podcast, Debra Graugnard. She delves deep not only in self-analysis but in the analysis of others, the balance of giving and receiving, and how each and everything we do impact the greater good in the purpose of our highest self and the planet. Moving to the technical aspects of podcasting, Debra shares some tips on content creation, book promotion, and putting up your podcast RSS feed on Amazon.

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The Self-Care Balancing Act with Debra Graugnard

Debra, thank you for joining me.

It’s my pleasure. Thank you.

You are a relatively new podcaster. You launched your podcast sometime over the summer or was it the late spring?

It was over the summer.

You’re doing a couple of different podcasts. Debra is the host of Self-Care For The Soul podcast. Can you share with us your purpose and why you decided to start your podcast?

The purpose for Self-Care For The Soul is about conscious living. I love talking with people about how our daily habits impact our daily lives. How our thoughts, beliefs, our emotions, all of this conscious and subconscious mind and our connection with spirit and everything impacts our daily lives. How that has a ripple effect and a mirror effect on our relationship with the planet and with the larger body of humanity and consciousness. My main mission is to help each and every one of us to examine our internal thoughts, our feelings, emotions and things of that nature and our belief systems. To align ourselves with that inner truth, we always talk about that we want to live, but to align with that in a way that helps us to be our best and highest selves and how each and everything that we do impacts the greater good. How we can align ourselves so that we are living not only for our own highest purpose and our own highest self but for the greater good of the planet?

PPM 08 | Self-Care

Self-Care: The beauty of having someone who loves and cares about us is they can help us see ourselves better.


When I think about that, I’m thinking about my younger self and to an extent, if I’m going to be completely honest, my current self even a little bit. I was never good at self-analysis. Maybe a lot of people are not good at that. I’m probably particularly especially in my younger adult life was not aware of myself and how I’m perceived or what was important to me, what I’m thinking about. If something I’m doing might be having not the impression that I’m expecting it to have on other people. My wife, Tracy, who is also my co-host, we’ve been together since ’89. We haven’t been married that long, but we met in September because it was the college of ’88 is when we met. That’s a long time.

I didn’t mean to make this about me. That wasn’t my purpose here, but the subject is relevant that we always used to say Tracy is good at not only self-analysis but analysis of others. That’s why she’s such a good business coach among other things and a strategist for people with podcasts. Not only that but her vision. The point is that we would always have this thing where she would help me to see something about myself. We would say it’s like she hit me over the head with a hammer moment. It wakes me up to realize what it was that I wasn’t seeing. That’s why I like being in business with her because we have complementary skills. We help see pass each other’s blind spots. I’m sure what you do is even more significant than that. That’s one way that I can personally relate to what you’re talking about.

That’s the beauty of relationships because if we’re looking at ourselves all the time, we don’t necessarily see the reflections. We don’t see our blind spots. That’s the beauty of having someone who loves and cares about us, who can help us gently and sometimes hammer-like.

Hopefully, it comes from a place of care or love. It’s not trying to make somebody feel bad and that’s never been the case with me. People universally have a hard time with a mirror being held up in front of them. Do you find that?

Sometimes it’s hard. I do believe everything is a reflection. In terms of if you believe that we’re spiritual beings traveling in physical bodies on this planet here for the learning and evolution of our soul as well as to learn about loving, living, giving, receiving and all those beautiful things. It’s all about seeing this in a relationship and everything that’s held up. Everything in front of us is like a reflection, a mirror being held up. It gives us an opportunity to see how we’re doing in those relationships, relationship to self, relationship to spirit.

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Do you find most people that you interact with either your podcast or in your coaching, your business is all built around this subject area, is it not?

It is.

Do you find a lot of people that are maybe focused on other areas of their life, whether it’s the primary care provider for the family or they’re in business for themselves? They’re always doing so much for others. They don’t stop to think about themselves. This is a common thing. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. A lot of us are running at 90 miles an hour. We all give so much or we’re putting ourselves in a position that so much is being taken out of us that we forget to take care of ourselves. That is what you’re about. Maybe there are a lot of aspects to it I don’t understand.

That’s one of the things that is important about the work that I do is I teach people tools and ways to replenish so that as you’re giving that you can balance that with receiving. It’s hard to give with an empty cup. Eventually, there’s nothing left and you start giving the cup itself, then who are you and what do you have? When you look at cycles of life, there’s got to be a balance of giving and receiving, of giving and releasing, and opening to receive and allowing that nourishment or whatever is coming to you to come back in. If we give all the time and nobody ever receives. That’s one of the things that are out of balance and perhaps even some of the reasons why we keep giving. If there’s no one there to receive when we give or they don’t take the time to let it in and let it land, it’s not a satisfying giving either.

When you’re in a relationship with someone and you talked about your relationship with Tracy, there is that balance of giving and receiving. If we don’t fully do both and allow them to land and allow the integration, then it’s not satisfying for anyone. That’s one of the things I like to remind people of. Who are the people in your life that want to give to you? Even your children who want to smile at you and play with you and give you a hug. Think about what it means to take the time to give that full 100% attention and receive that hug and take it in and let them have the satisfaction of knowing that their love can be received. That’s huge.

Did you still have more than one format of the episode that you’re doing per week? Can you share that with everybody?

PPM 08 | Self-Care

Self-Care: The old and messy parts have to be unearthed in order for the new ground to surface.


One thing I do is every Sunday morning, I do a live prayer and healing circle where we practice what we’re talking about. Tools, tips and techniques and it’s usually keyed in on what’s going on in the world currently. What’s up for people and how we can perhaps get a broader perspective on what’s going on and find the unity in the separation. There’s a lot of division and separation in our world. We try to look at what’s the all-encompassing bigger picture, the unity, and how can we use this as a healing moment for ourselves? To take ourselves from our own sense of separation into a higher evolution, a more unified place within us. Use it as a way to lift our own vibration and allow that to ripple out into helping to increase the vibration of the planet in all that we impact in our ponds that we live in. That is one form and that is every Sunday.

I also do interviews and I love doing interviews because when I do an interview, I approach it as what can I learn from this. Everybody’s got new information and different information, a little bit different perspective on things. I love learning from other people. I could be a lifelong student. Anything that can help people in daily life look at that connection between the things that we do and think, believe, live, and love in our daily lives. How that can help us to align more with the core truths of who we are in our true inner knowing and our purpose in life and how that can ripple into making the world a better place to live.

Are you finding people desperate for some greater understanding of maybe themselves and in the context of this world? There are some great divides out there among us as people, even within our own country, forget around the world. I would expect there would be a lot of people feeling lost or helpless or trying to make sense of it all.

There are two ways that this is impactful in the current state of my business. Number one, I launched the podcast with a series of interviews. As a way to promote the podcast and everything, I did a summit-style release. I did a series of interviews under the heading of While We Were Silent in the wake of the #MeToo Movement. Why people who experienced sexual abuse and sexual trauma stay silent after abuse. Why people stay silent about abuse? What happens in our lives during the silence? How it impacts our lives and our beliefs about ourselves and how it ripples into our lives? How it impacts the greater mass consciousness and culture? I did that series. I took the transcripts and turned them into a book. I released the book. It hit number one in Amazon in the first day on every category that it was in plus parent categories and grandparent categories. It did well. We’ve got an active Facebook group. We’re starting to do live events. It’s been successful in that way. I’m pedaling as fast as I can keep up with it. Every time I think, “The #MeToo dialogues are going to be dying down,” here comes something else to stoke that fire because we’re not finished with this topic yet. With everything that’s been going on, that’s had a large impact on my business.

Does that mean for you personally, if you’re willing to share, that this has had a positive impact on your business in terms of how you define success? If it’s monetarily or the number of people reaching out that you can help, it might well be a combination. Are you finding that the #MeToo Movement and everything that’s going on is ending up being in some form of job security? That’s not a nice way to put it but for lack of a better term. Are you finding that?

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Thank goodness that the guidance was there to do this and to move forward with it because I could not have foreseen this was going to unfold in this way and yet the number of people who need support. There are the people that can command attention in the mass media that can spark this thing and spread it. They’re the everyday people who are struggling with their own issues, whose wounds are resurfacing as they’re watching the news, hearing what’s going on and seeing all the Facebook posts. They need support because things bubble up on the surface in the media and they get all this attention. The next big thing happens and it gets swept under the rug and we move on.

There is a huge need for healing so that we can shift this consciousness. It’s a cultural dynamic that has been at play for centuries, if not more. I used the analogy on my prayer and healing circle. It’s like when seasons change, the farmers till the soil and all of the old stuff has to get unearthed. It’s not pretty. It’s ugly. It’s messy. It’s dirty. It’s what has to happen in order for the new ground and the new earth to surface and be fertilized for new plants to be planted there so that we can have a new garden that we’re moving into. That’s like what’s happening here. I’m grateful that things keep coming up. They don’t get swept under the rug because we’ve got so much healing to do around this and people need support. This has been an incredible avenue of support for people. I am grateful for that. It’s job security and it’s also providing a service that I didn’t realize at the time how necessary a platform this was going to be for people.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I always try in my business and in my own podcast or broadcast, I’m not trying to make political statements. I do have a political opinion. I don’t think for what I’m doing that’s what I want to do in my podcast. I do think there are things that we can talk about that are relevant. A lot of people questioning, “Why didn’t someone report this 30 years ago? If they were abused, they should have.” There are many reasons why they don’t that has nothing to do with the fact that they were abused. People tend to use that as a defense saying, “If it happened, you would have reported it.” That’s naïve or certainly ill-informed. Maybe it’s a nice way to put it that what you’re doing with your podcast and helping to bring awareness to these issues can help us all have a better understanding and less conflict over these things. That’s what I would hope.

That is my hope too. Even people who go through it don’t understand why things happen inside because it’s an internal thing. It’s an internal struggle whether or not to report, whether or not to even admit it to yourself. We try to bury things like that. They’re traumatic. Who wants to relive it? Now it’s getting harder and harder to keep inside, which is why many people are coming forward, people who have been silent for centuries.

This is going to continue. I hope as a society, as a culture, this will be much less of a problem as we go forward. Hopefully, as we evolve as people it will naturally do that. It will never go away. It’s always going to be there. It will always need attention, light shined on it, support, whatever. I’m not a woman and I haven’t had experiences like this. That probably is true of a lot of men. There are other similar experiences that men have that you can relate to. In my life, my parents were divorced when I was five years old and that had a profound effect on me emotionally and otherwise, and framed certain things because it was a trauma of sorts in many ways. There were a lot of things there. I can even understand in that context how things happened that I never told anybody, that I didn’t want to think about again. If more people could put themselves in other people’s shoes, try to at least. If they could try to understand what empathy is and to try to realize there are logical reasons that have nothing to do with the legal realities. It’s not so black and white that our news media and our politicians and other people make it out to be.

PPM 08 | Self-Care

Self-Care: Move into a greater evolution of humanity and consciousness.


With that understanding comes not just healing, but advancement as a culture and a society. I do think of this as all been necessary and it is happening. As sad as all the details are, I’m glad to see it happening because we can hopefully move forward. A show like yours that focuses on these issues is much needed. I haven’t looked in a while at the landscape on iTunes or any of the other platforms. Do you have a sense of how many other podcasts? Did you research that before you started? How many others are out there? Did it not matter to you because you were going to do this anyway?

I didn’t do the research. I got the guidance to start doing this interview series and to do a summit. I started recording the interviews. It wasn’t until summertime that I released them on the podcast. I was doing a lot of work with it prior. I had arguments in my head about why not to do this. It was strong of a feeling of, “This has to be done.” I kept hearing all the questions about, why would someone not come forward at the time? Why would they wait so long? It’s coming to take people down in power. I knew from my own experiences. I’ve been doing the work that I do for many years. I know the reality of it. There was not a cell in my body that could sit still and hear these questions and not want to bring this out to the world of here’s why. In everyday language and simple stories from people, from people who have done their own internal healing work and understand the landscape, they’re in and understand how to move through it and then to healing. I want it to give that perspective, that understanding, and that hope. A hand through the door of here’s how you can step through into a place of healing and wholeness. Helping to bring peace, harmony and purpose into your life.

Have you talked about any of the subjects or the current situation with the Supreme Court, this hearing and everything on your podcast? You could talk about those issues without your audience feeling like you were putting out a political agenda. I know that’s not what you would be doing. You’d be trying to answer some of the questions that are out there like, “Why didn’t she report it?” Help bring understanding to that. Has that been fuel for some of the subject matter of your shows?

On this prayer and healing circle does that thing of looking at regardless of which side your beliefs are or who you’re for or against or anything like that. Looking at the bigger picture of how this can be helping us to move into a greater evolution of humanity and consciousness. We looked at that part, but I have not yet done the specific interviews on the current hearings. That’s a great idea.

Purely from a podcaster perspective and a media perspective of getting exposure for your show, it’s got to be some of the most Googled topics out there. There is probably not enough good content for people to seek out about that. It would make sense. You may have your own reasons for whatever reason thinking it’s not appropriate for your show or not wanting to do it. It’s your show and that’s totally up to you. It would seem to me that there’s not enough understanding that can be gained around these subjects in our country.

I’ve been caught up in the day-to-day happenings that I have not reached out for that. I appreciate that suggestion and I’ll start reaching out now.

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That’s what I’m happy to do is to try to help you get the most out of your show and have it serve you and your business. That’s why I wanted to do this to have you on. It’s been a long time since you and I have talked one-on-one about your show. It was a good time to do it now that you’ve had your show out there for a little bit. There’s one more nugget I’d like to share about your show with the wider audience. You did this summit a while back and recorded how many sessions?

In this summit, I recorded thirteen. I’ve had other people contact me since so I’ve done a few more that didn’t hit the book.

What I wanted to share with people is the idea that when you start a podcast, depending on what you’ve done in the past, you may have some already recorded content you’ve created. Whether it’s video or audio alone, it doesn’t matter. In your case, you did. We strategized a way for you to get more out of those prerecorded episodes. They were relevant to your subject to what you want to do with your podcast. Maybe some of them need a little context put on them because you didn’t record them with the podcast necessarily in mind. It’s valid and important valuable content that you could get a lot more out of. We ended up turning those into podcast episodes. Have you gotten good feedback from the podcast listening community on those?

I’ve had people continuing to join the Facebook group, to join us there and to participate in Facebook Live discussions we have. As a supplement to the podcasts, I know that comes from getting the word out there. I appreciate that.

Content creation is critical for your business regardless of what it is. I’m happy to see it working for you.

If I can add a note to that, the sequence of things recorded the interviews, released some style, and then launched the podcast. After the podcast was going, I then launched the book. I know that’s what helped the book get the momentum behind the book. The book went to number one bestseller on day one.

Another pro tip for podcasters, have a pen and paper handy when you’re interviewing somebody so you can write down a note. Your book quickly rose to bestseller status on Amazon. I have one question about that and then I have one other nugget I’d like to share with you and the wider audience on that. Did you put it up there organically and it went to bestseller status? Did you do any paid promotion program to try to get it to bestseller status when you launched that book?

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I didn’t do a paid promotion program, but I did a launch. I made sure that it went out to every group.

You did your own promotion on social media, your own list. Did you put out a press release maybe?

Yes, I did.

You did it yourself I imagine? That’s a good lesson. You’ve got your new book on Amazon and remind me the name of that book again?

PPM 08 | Self-CareWhile We Were Silent.

That’s exciting to me that you got it to that bestseller status without paying a lot of money. There are a lot of gurus out there that will tell you, “If you’re going to launch a book, you need to use my paid program or you’ll never get to the bestseller status.” I’m happy to see you did that. The second thing I want to mention to you that’s a new technique that we have learned from. When you are an author and you have a book on Amazon, you have your author profile on Amazon or your author page. Have you mentioned your podcast in that author profile on Amazon?

I’ll have to look and see if the podcast is on there. What I did do is you can put the blog posts there. All of my blog posts are on my author profile and those come from my podcast.

The other thing that’s been recommended to me by an expert. You can put your podcast RSS feed into your author profile page on Amazon. All of your episodes end up getting indexed and ranked within the Amazon world in terms of search and all those titles and descriptions of all those episodes. Whenever anybody is searching for any product or book on Amazon, any search terms they typed in would be in those podcast episode titles or descriptions are going to bring you up in the search results. It’s a free way to improve your SEO within the Amazon world. It’s a relatively new technique.

I do remember figuring out on how to do that. The RSS feed is on there and now I realize the significance of it. Thank you.

It’s incredibly powerful. Nothing on the internet is going to live forever and they change algorithms and they change things a lot. This has been there apparently for a very long time. There’s no reason anybody thinks is going to change anytime soon. I’m urging any podcaster who has a book and has an author profile on Amazon that this is something that you should do because it’s going to benefit you and have more people reach you. Tracy and I have a couple of books that we’ve written and we’re in final editing on one for Podetize about the whole podcasting business. Certainly, when that comes out, we’re going to do that. I don’t have an author profile in Amazon yet. Tracy does. She already is there. We have too many podcasts that were hosts on. She’ll probably have one on hers. I’ll have another on mine. Debra, I want to thank you not only for coming on. It’s been a pleasant experience. I mean that in the best possible way. I’ve enjoyed having this conversation with you, learning more about what you’re doing with your podcast in the context of what’s going on socially in America. Talking about how this is benefiting you and how it’s serving you and your business and serving others. That makes me happy.

Thank you so much. This has been a pleasure for me too.

Thank you.


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About Debra Graugnard

PPM 08 | Self-Care

We all have turning points in life. It was 1987 and I was just about to graduate from college. I was living a fun but very full life – a full-time student working 30 hours/week at a bank, hitting every 2 for 1 meal special in town – yes, the standard American college student diet – and partying whenever I could fit it in! (and I always could – who needed sleep?)

Then one Friday afternoon in broad daylight, an unexpected event – a bank robber waiting for the unsuspecting bank employee (me) to pass by pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and cocked it in my back – an unforgettable sound and feeling! We were being robbed, and I was the human shield. I watched every detail with that gun in my back, unable to move.

At the time, I was happy that he got away and no one tried to play hero – everyone survived without physical injury. (The same gentleman robbed a credit union a week later, took hostages, killed a police officer, and did not survive the event.)

I had already been living with the symptoms of hypoglycemia and fibrocystic disease – attributable to my lifestyle thus far, but about a month later, I began experiencing the unpleasant and very painful symptoms of ulcerative colitis. My doctor told me it was one of those things I’d have to live with – just stay away from raw foods, fiber and take steroids for the rest of my life – if needed we would surgically remove the colon.

But I knew there had to be more to it than that. Aside from realizing that the physical body could heal naturally, I also knew I just needed to get the gun out of my back. – it felt like it was still there, and that was precisely where the symptoms had manifested.

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