Corey Jahnke has been a retail pharmacist for over 30 years. When he started his career in his early twenties, he remembers thinking to himself, “Oh god, I have to do this for 40-years. Take this with food, take this on an empty stomach.” This started the wheels turning for Jahnke. He wanted to know how he could do this life differently, and all of that has been leading him to this moment right here. Jahnke hosts The Successful Thinker podcast, as well as Coffee with Corey, both creating opportunity for him to talk real-life solutions with real people. His mission: to help people stop living as if they had another life in the bank.

Switching Up the Norms

“Forget the pharmacist, can I just speak with Corey?” Jahnke found, throughout his career, the more he invested in the people around him, the further he went, and more importantly- the larger impact he had. This didn’t only apply to his work in the pharmaceutical world, but in all of his relationships, both personal and professional. By the time the development industry started taking off, offering advice and habits, Jahnke had been living it, in real life, in the real world, with real people.

“I just found that everyone was, and still is, so overwhelmed, stressed, the media is adding to it with constant outrage… and I wanted to create change, to show people they mattered, and to leave my corner of the world better than I found it. At the time, I didn’t necessarily feel that I was doing anything incredibly profound, but wisdom has taught me over time, that all impact is profound and that’s why I am still pursuing this way of life.”

A Life’s Mission to Enact Change

For Jahnke, and so many of our other podcasters at Podetize, they’ve heard their calling loud and clear, and have set out to change their corner of the world, a path comparable to few.

“You cannot do more with less. You can only do more by becoming more. But the very system pushing this type of language is so backwards. Especially in large corporations, often the push towards development had the opposite effect. I’ve said for years, if you want to know the reception to management in the real world, go on break in a Walmart break room. This level of honesty and real-world interaction has helped me develop my world view, and the system I’ve seen create lasting impact and change.”

You Have to Know You’re Making A Change

Podcasting offers a rare opportunity for hosts to meet their listener where they are, over and over again. “We’re an on-the-go society. Here I am, working 40-hours a week but with Podetize, I can put together an episode after hours or over the weekend, when I can really be present. You know how many groups I’ve tried to join that meet every Wednesday across town? Podetize is allowing me to meet my listeners where they are. And they get to meet me where I am.” We often hear this about time, there’s never enough, it flies, by, time is equally proportionate to money. So if we can maximize the value of our time, by tuning into efficient solutions, we feel like we’re making a change as well.

We Are All Real People

Basic concept, often overlooked, especially with the pseudo-realistic lives we often experience with social media and digital connections. This is one of the many reasons so many are finding their home in the world of podcasting. We are all working to feed our families, and to grow our lives, and that means everything is on the line. In terms of leadership, this is the point where we need to meet people, to bring them real world solutions. “Although the problems seem to have changed, the principles are the same. And the rules are as follows:”

  1. Treat people fairly.
  2. Care about people.
  3. Help people find their contribution.

Leadership isn’t limited to the CEO in his glass office. We step into leadership when we feel pulled to increase our impact, and if we live by the principles Jahnke outlined above. Whether you use the team and platform at Podetize to maximize your impact, or you are jumping into podcasting alone, remember this: “We aren’t here on a rehearsal. Life starts right now.”