Meet Dan Mendilow and Sophie Kessner, your guides through your unconscious mind. Also, the CEO of Breakthrough Mastery LLC, and the Co-Founder of Lifestyle Hackers, two coaching companies; Mendilow offers one-on-one sessions, workshops, online trainings, and speaking presentations. But his newest project is turning out to be one of his most fulfilling. The Mind Mastery and Manifestation podcast he operates with Kessner, is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Listeners write in to tell their stories and as Mendilow puts it, not only are they changing lives, the podcast is changing their lives as well. 

Growing Loyalty

Mendilow pointed out a very valid point that we hear, time and time again, from podcasters, and that is the benefit of building up such a specific and loyal network around who you are, what you offer, and how you offer it. Being able to have a platform to share these transformational ideas that Mendilow believes so many need to hear, in such an authentic way, in such an unsaturated market right now, is as close to priceless as you get in the noise of the internet, social media, and sharing.

“This podcast has been designed to empower all levels of entrepreneurs on how to overcome your limited self and embody your higher self, in order to create the life, business and relationships you’ve always dreamed of,” says Kessner.

Show the World Who You Are

“My specialty as a transformational coach is rapidly identifying and erasing the thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and emotional triggers that have been holding people back from their greatest successes. Sometimes, the best way I can articulate this, and messages around this, is through a conversation.”  

Marketing In A New Way 

Good marketing is clear, specific, strong, and effective. Mendilow is finding that a lot of his marketing has become much easier as he gets more and more specific about his clients, the services he offers, and how to meet his client’s needs.“Having a platform that allows me, as a host, to highlight my expertise, put my true self out there, and increase awareness around what I do, is growing into a great vehicle for my business.”

Podcast Lessons: Learning As You Go

So many hosts we talk with are learning so much as they dive into podcasting, and for Mendilow, this couldn’t be truer. His experiences thus far have landed him in a place where he has a clear list of “must-haves” for podcasting success, and we’ve got exclusive access to his list:  

  • You have to plan for what it takes to produce a podcast. Make sure you have someone who can take over your systems and the backend work. Podetize took so much off our plate, and I am not sure how well we would be doing if this weren’t true. 
  • You have to know your why. What are your intentions? Are you growing your speaking opportunities? What exactly do you want the podcast to do for you? You have to be able to answer this clearly. 
  • You have to know your capacity. How often can you show up for your audience, what are you capable of committing to?
  • You have to have realistic standards. Prep your content, make a plan and be flexible in that planning because if things change, you have to be willing to change also. 
  • You have to be yourself 200%. Listeners want to know you, and the more they get to know you, the more they want to listen. This cyclical connection is going to feed your show. It’s so much more important than your intro or your guest lineup. And you have to dive into who you are, lay it all out there, without fear of people potentially not liking you, or your message not resonating. 
  • You have to market it. Nobody will know you’re there if you aren’t marketing yourself and the other side of this coin is confidence. You have to feel good enough to tell people to go listen. 

“In my 9 years of coaching, I’ve helped thousands of people with just about any kind of issue including shifting from depression to happiness, multiplying income and productivity, eliminating panic attacks and anxiety, discovering purposes and life paths, saving relationships, and many others.  I believe that perception creates reality, so I help people create the realities of their dreams by changing their perceptions.” 

With podcasting, Mendilow and Kessner can apply these same skills to an entire audience at one time, increasing their impact and expanding their reach. This skill set was learned through real-life experiences. Mendilow, once depressed and even suicidal, took back his life and his mind through the same mastery techniques he brings to his show. “I really wanted to continue my growth but I was having trouble finding a show that wasn’t like a weekly or monthly commercial or sales channel. Here we are now, and I’ve never looked back.”

What to Expect

If you drop into the Mind Mastery and Manifestation show, you can expect to leave an episode with real-world strategies and tools you can implement and really grow from. You can also expect a deep dive into how you can create the life you want, whether that’s in business or relationships, bringing it all back to mastery. If you’re looking for a tour guide to take you through your unconscious mind, both of these hosts are happy to oblige, and will probably even have step-by-step instructions for you.